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Your a Towel
If nothing else, its flashy
I swear it makes the chicken noise from the first Spyro
camera boi
just got a gold mini at 795.70
grats mate. just got mine as well at same length
The Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is only hostile when attacked. I can't count how many times we've crossed paths in peace.
Yea, but how many times have I been fighting 3 monsters on the same Map. Tzitzi comes by, flashes us all, and wanders through the stunned crowd peacefully.
Watch those headlights.
I think might have a hidden ability to stun monsters without punishing draw or slugger. Hunted a jyrutodus and stunned him like five times with the long sword.
You hit him a bunch while was in swim mode, and he jumped out and flopped on land like a fish. That's normal. Any weapon can do that.