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how different weapons react to teostras Nova Great sword: shoulder badge Boi Dual Blade: NO MY COMBO Charge blade I think Not Bows: my team is screwed insect glaive: RUUNN Switch axe: Oh no.........
Flash Pods: Hold my beer
Do you even english
do you even have an original reply?
He's never hostile to me unless I hit him and I've been right up beside him before.
Powder drops as well.
Which element would be more effective against him? Water or Ice? I main bow so, should I use the Legi or Hunter's Proud Bow?
water > ice
Just beat him today, new to the hunter games. Took 2 tries, Nergal gouge, some random armor for buffs and fire resist, Wasn't ultra hard. Bring cool drinks or whatever they're called. Hit the stomach and legs, head when able. When he uses the supernova, run if possible, if not, superman dive like with Nerg. I failed the first time from being reckless and not having cool drinks. Other than that, it wasn't too hard. Some of its fire attack are devastating though, and from my experience he only used the nova 3 times after using the attack that deals fire damage from his feet. I really liked this fight. 10/10 would do again, even if a bit easy (at least to me)
For me, the toughest out of the 3 final elder dragons. The fireblight, the constant moving, and the explosions and other stuff in his nest just throw you away and make it 10 times more hard. Cool as hell though, probably the coolest monster in the game personally. I beat him doing the 1 hit and run tactic.
"Looks like a demon Griffin" -Cotton