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I did the tempered Kirin quest with 50 thunder defense and it STILL one shot me. Never doing it again.
Get good
How to easily beat Tempered Kirin:
1. Get an Insect Glaive
2. Get the Pseucodath III kinsect
3. Infuse Pseucodath with fire element
4. Spam kinsect on TK's horn
5. ???
6. Profit
Or just use Karma and shoot it in the face a bunch. Just got my full Gamma set with it without any elemental resist.
Here's a idea.

When the Kirin is dying, everyone in the party places bombs at the base of the climbable walls. Specifically at the wall underneath the wedge beetle that's one floor above where the Legianna lands, or at the base/top of the long climb before the high nest. The 2nd option is likely more viable, because the wedge beetles in the area will allow us to reach those spots faster than the Kirin.

Since it always takes that route when it's dying, it would be a good opportunity to intercept it at those points and possibly knock it down. Not only that, but it's a guarantee that it goes to sleep once it reaches the nest which will allow us to set bombs down anyway. So using bombs as it's running away will maximize resources and likely kill it faster.
Have every one use bow and then impact mantle, one after the other. Ownage. You should watch the record on YouTube. Right now some bow user killed him in 3min 6 seconds. Solo, and it was the arc tempered one.
Can't figure out how to get to harder lvl of Kirin,only reg lvl...
Any idea wat I missed,haven't finished gm yet, on 1st fight against XoJiva,is it after that
You have to either go to exploration. Or wait till HR49 kill the temperd kirin. Then you can fight normal high rank kirin
That’s not true I unlocked a High rank Kirin quest before I killed temp Kirin



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Try fighting LR Kirin first, then search for HR Kirin option quests, then you should be able to get one once you helped the others to kill HR Kirin.
You want to feel salt? Search the record on YouTube. Someone kills a tempered arc Kirin w a bow in 3 min 6 seconds.
Why do so many monsters not have bows? It’s kinda annoying.