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I did the tempered Kirin quest with 50 thunder defense and it STILL one shot me. Never doing it again.
Get good
Use health charms to increase your hp and it wont one hit you
Use health gems instead of thunder defense. Only that way I stopped getting 1 hit K.O.
How to easily beat Tempered Kirin:
1. Get an Insect Glaive
2. Get the Pseucodath III kinsect
3. Infuse Pseucodath with fire element
4. Spam kinsect on TK's horn
5. ???
6. Profit
Or just use Karma and shoot it in the face a bunch. Just got my full Gamma set with it without any elemental resist.
Here's a idea.

When the Kirin is dying, everyone in the party places bombs at the base of the climbable walls. Specifically at the wall underneath the wedge beetle that's one floor above where the Legianna lands, or at the base/top of the long climb before the high nest. The 2nd option is likely more viable, because the wedge beetles in the area will allow us to reach those spots faster than the Kirin.

Since it always takes that route when it's dying, it would be a good opportunity to intercept it at those points and possibly knock it down. Not only that, but it's a guarantee that it goes to sleep once it reaches the nest which will allow us to set bombs down anyway. So using bombs as it's running away will maximize resources and likely kill it faster.
Have every one use bow and then impact mantle, one after the other. Ownage. You should watch the record on YouTube. Right now some bow user killed him in 3min 6 seconds. Solo, and it was the arc tempered one.
Can't figure out how to get to harder lvl of Kirin,only reg lvl...
Any idea wat I missed,haven't finished gm yet, on 1st fight against XoJiva,is it after that
You have to either go to exploration. Or wait till HR49 kill the temperd kirin. Then you can fight normal high rank kirin
That’s not true I unlocked a High rank Kirin quest before I killed temp Kirin



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Try fighting LR Kirin first, then search for HR Kirin option quests, then you should be able to get one once you helped the others to kill HR Kirin.
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just keep questing in coral highland. you will find kirin fur sometime or tracks. when you investigate, there is a small chance for an investigation quest w each track you look at.
Might be late, but the High Rank Kirin quest is unlocked the exact same way as the Low Rank one because you have to do a chain of optional capture quests given by the biologist that always stand in front of captured monsters at Astera to unlock it from the Impatiant Biologist (the same person who gave you the low rank Kirin quest).
You want to feel salt? Search the record on YouTube. Someone kills a tempered arc Kirin w a bow in 3 min 6 seconds.
give me 1000h and I kill it with my farts in 5sec....welcome to MHW btw
Why do so many monsters not have bows? It’s kinda annoying.
Why do so many monsters not have switch axes thats kinda annoying too why won't this game let me turn radobaan into a switch axe :( I think that every weapon should have at least one variant from every monster


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Anyone else thinks that this is more of a bad Pokemon than a real monster ?
Why bother having an SOS system in place if nobody ever answers? I sent up 5 today asking for help with Kirin and NOBODY *****ING ANSWERED!!! Why have this? WHY!!??? When I ask for help I expect *****ing help! Immediately! This is the*****tiest, most unfair monster in the entire *****ing game and I'm sick of attempting! I just want to get it over with once, just ONCE!!! *****!
Holy hell....if the game is stressing you out this much, maybe you should take a break? If you haven't had an aneurysm yet, could you tell us what gear you're using?
Just because you send up a flare doesn't mean that people are obligated to help you. And right now, at the time you posted this, people are much more interested in doing Behemoth than anything else.
You seem like a miserable whiny *****.
if you aren't using a lance, then we found your problem. If you are using a lance, then you simply need to git gud.
Are you trying to beat him with a Thunder element weapon or whut ? LUL
Holy***** dude...
lol get good noob
Using hbg and kill it on the first try with 5 meowster decoration. Get gud son.
I just finished kirin today, maybe yah need to up your equipment first before taking on an elder dragon, there are some decent equipment in LR to be able to compete kirin, i used CB with water element(dont have the materials for fire) and guard build around it with a lot of evading, timing, buffs, potions, etc.!
I'll give you the best answer here: Kiring! Friendship is horrible! Doing Kirin in coop is even*****tier. He's more unpredictable, deals more dmg and has more health. It's really best done solo and learn the patterns yourself.
Nobody answered because they could sense that you were a whiny, helpless prick and were like "nope, not gonna waste my time letting this guy cart himself repeatedly despite my best efforts." Kirin is easier solo, anyway, and most players realize that, thus they don't bother to respond. And if you think Kirin is the worst, most unfair monster in the game (and it doesn't look like you've reached his tempered variant yet)... well, I hope you enjoy your retirement from the series.
Guys, there's actually no need to be rude or demean him. He is obviously new to the MH series and you should just try to be more forgiving. Just give him the information Kirin is easier solo and be on your way, no need to call names to some random on the internet who just worded a question poorly...
I learnt that the reason kirin tracks dont show on the progress bar is due to you not doing the LR kirin quest first. You have to do a few capture quests first, starting with Kulu Yaku, then barroth, then paolumu and finally odogaron. Only then you will unlock an optional quest for a 5* LR Kirin. Only from there, your scoutflies will then be able to collect and process Kirin tracks in the coral highlands for HR Kirin
For me it didnt work like that. I did the lr quest and the trsck bar still wouldnt progress. It started progressing after i did the 5* event with the 2 kirin thou. Even got an investigation from it.
This is not true tho. I did not do LR Kirin quest. It is an assigned quest, which if you get enough tracks on him at the coral highlands. You trigger the quest from the small scientist entomologist beside the botanical guy in your home area.
It's useful to mention that as an Elder Dragon, Kirin is immune to traps.