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Radobaan makes you sleep, uragaan doesn't. Ima fix that
Uragaan does have a sleep effect
*Just fought, it, and I apologize, I was incorrect. Sorrry for my pure stupidity, I have fixed it*
Just curious, why does Uragaan have a gem? What makes him so special. If anything, Lavasioth is harder/more threatening, and 2 important monsters don't have a gem. Diablos, and kirin. Both the only apex predators/ elder dragons that don't have gems. So why exactly does Uragaan get one, when he's just a normal monster?
Bc he’s Jay Leon
Nah. Sonic.
Uragaan is an Ore monster so it makes sense for it to have a Gem. And also its just a gem?
1. It's not just a gem, it's a rare item uragaan doesn't deserve. 2. There are plenty or rock based monsters without gems, and plenty of non-rock based monsters that do. Your point?
So you call it a gem, and then you don't. A Ruby is a gem, and Uragaan has always had one since 3. Aside from that every point you make is subjective, Uragaan is the only pure ore/rock based monster in world, so biologically it makes more sense to have a gem for Uragaan then any other monster, outside of gameplay reasoning. Most people consider him harder/more intimidating then the more annoying Lavasioth at least anyway. I didn't realise this monster upsets you so much, my regards.
Am I the only one that thinks Ura looks like Thanos
lol yea with that big *** chin
jay leno
I think he's a crimson chin, sonic, Beyblade Monster