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Crafted into some of the worst looking items in the game. Which sucks even more because they’re Also the best items
The *****ing shoulder check move is autisticly *******
I’m pickle Rick!!
He showed up while I was hunting an Odogaron. He grabbed the poor thing and started tossing him and slamming him around like a chew toy, but eventually he got out and retreated to his nest in the confusion. I was surprised the Odogaron didn't just die outright considering he was near death when the pickle showed up. I felt bad and decided to capture the poor guy instead of killing him.
Can Deviljho eat his own tail in this game? I've managed to sever it a few times but I've never actually seen him eat it.
i dont think he can, ive been hunting him off and on since release and ive never seen it
He only did in past games, not in MHW though.
My first high rank expedition on coral highlands and i saw this ***** in area 1. Great start for me.
if you want to get him out of his rage mode, i find it easy when i have max weakness exploit and aim for his chest weakspot. Jho will retaliate when you hit his weakspot as usual but after a few good hits to its chest weakspot, he'll fallover and go back to normal. I used a bow so aiming at the weakspot was easy. Same thing with his head.