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Anyone know the HP of AT Xeno in solo?
25000~ I soloed him twice with a damage tracker and he died a little bit over 25000,
How has no one commented that it is an obvious combination of the Ur Dragon and Daemon from Dragon's Dogma?
Both are far bosses This guy bore me to death every
really ?? ur dragon like val hazak but different color , daemon final boss in dark arisen right lol
I tried fighting it and ran and left I wasn’t prepared
Did you know you can damage it using weapons :O
AT Xeno is what the adult version would look like
for horns should i do a slicing partbreaker build on hbg? asking for a friend
this guy is too easy. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
tedious fight, especially using a hammer.
I literally just beat it using a hammer, difficult fight, but not impossoble. I defeated it on my second try after 49 mins. I had 1 min left before i fail the quest ...
Oh hey midir, I see you escaped the ringed city