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It matches almost perfectly with the description of Black Flame legend. The legend speaks of a Fatalis with 6 horns (Xeno Jiva has 2 main horns and 2 smaller horns with another horn branching off), blue, a creepy light emitted from its eyes, strange fluids coming out of its body. However, it doesn't match perfectly, as the legend says the beast will be impervious and Xeno Jiva is not, and as far as we know, Xeno Jiva isn't a Fatalis. I just wanted to draw the comparison though.
But you gotta remember when we face xeno jiva it's just a baby version so if it grew to be a adult it might have fit the legend perfectly
For the record, I'm pretty sure this refers to "G-Rank"/Supremacy Fatalis from Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine, who is literally a Fatalis with six horns (picture: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/monsterhunter/images/3/3b/MHFG-Fatalis_Screenshot_038.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140108145820), and the myth doesn't exist outside those games. Or are you saying he might be the mainline series equivalent?
Cool theory regardless! Never stop researching, fiver!
It is considered to be a juvenile I think. It's been feeding on the life of elder dragons, luring them to the Elder recess. But the hunter shows up and disturbs it before it can reach full maturity, so it's possible this was a reference, but we stopped it from reaching its full potential.
For "final" boss he's not that tough just has a lot of health. He's so big its real easy to stay under him and avoid all his moves. Cool armor though 10/10
From a Dark Souls perspective, Xeno reminds me of a much easier Midir with far more health (which is saying a lot, considering Midir has the largest health pool in its game). Fun fight though. Although chopping it down can take a while, it's much more enjoyable than dancing with the dubious hitboxes and erratic patterns of something like Deviljho. Then again, having a flat arena with zero distractions probably helps.
I like this boss. It's one of my favorite boss in this game that isn't annoying. Plus I like its colors. Personal favorite elder dragon
I'm sitting on a mountain of Gems (picked up four in a single run, once), yet I can't get a single horn. RNGesus, have mercy.
You get them by breaking his horns - or, at least one of them. Can never seem to break them both and maybe that's not a thing. Breaking the one always works for me though...
Is it just me, but I’m sure that you can get Xeno’jiiva tail as well
you can sever his tail
You can cut off the tail and farm it twice. Careful when targeting it though. Xeno'jiiva tailwhips hurt.
I really regret going into this with a gunlance and the guard up bonus skill from the Urgaan set, LOL; opposite of epic. You can block everything, including the explosive diarrhea, while exploiting every opening just by always holding one button and occasionally clicking another at your leisure while letting him walk on top of you. I literally have a harder time against Girros packs. Recommend for casual farming if you don't mind occasionally carting when you can't resist the urge to fall asleep IRL.
Sounds like a legit tactic, but the fight's already so easy and long that I dunno if it makes sense it make it even easier and longer, lol
I fought if you use stamina surge you can dodge a lot and stand behind the cryatels on the beam attacks they will not break. Still an amazing fight though
I was looking around on youtube and some idiot decided to spoil this on his thumbnail of a walkthrough on how to kill it, so I decided to read this. This is so out of my league, and it kind of scares me that I'm scared of going to rotten vale, let alone this thing...


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To be fair, the rotten vale isn't a difficult area, its actually quite a breather area, as long as you fire torch slinger at the ground in the gas to disperse it.
To be fair, I'd MUCH rather fight this than Chaotic Gore Magala from 4U. Just saying, Xeno is a fairly fun fight, no reason to be afraid unless you can't dodge or outrun obvious lasers and slams.
I am now in elders recess about to fight vaal, and I love the RV lol how the tables have turned
So the Xeno'jiiva is about 147 feet tall. This is a rough guess tho so feel free to tell me if i got the math wrong or not.
its right it most likely accounts for its height while on its hind legs