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Looks like a t-rex to me
Because Anjanath's design is basically a fire-breathing T-rex...
This **** and kirin are the biggest bull*****in this whole game
Can someone explain to me why I got one shot by him even tho I almost have the most defense that I can get rn? And why is he running away 7 times in a 18 min hunt, is that normal? I am speaking about the low rank version btw. I beat him 6 times and didn't get the drop for the chestpiece and just got one shot out of nowhere 2 times and failed the mission, I have no clue why that happend.
Maybe Rathalos was lurking in the sky in the area & he got you & you didnt notice?
Expedition in ancient forest anjanath do show up sometimes. But when i go expedition in wildspire waste anjanath is nowhere to be seen. Why? The info says above he have 2 locations.



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Before you go on the Expedition, make sure Anjanath is listed as one of the Monsters present, then check sectors 2 and 3. Anjanath hides out in the forested area of the Wastes.
Pukei pukei is listed and diablos etc but anjanath wont show up in the list. Most of the time, he in ancient forest not in wildspire waste. Is my game glitched or he rarely go to wildspire waste?
He EXTREMELY rarely goes there. And he only goes there during high rank, too.