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vaal hazak - making you waste nullberries like it's second nature to you
what does it mean by unwounded body parts?
Body parts that aren't wounded duh
parts of the monster that aren't broken (it'll notify you when they are)
Vaal hazak is immune to dragon WHILE unwounded, not while wounded. You have your info backwards on that section.
incorrect but good try
I just beat this guy and honestly I'm astounded by how easy this guy was compared to the other elder dragons. Teostra kept exploding the map, Kushala was highly annoying to hit, but this guy was just "roll under belly and wack it till it dies"
Really? Teostra and Lunastra are so ridiculously easy.. Vaal is pretty easy, but his Miasma is more annoying than Teostra's supernova. And Kushala is just very time consuming for me. And Xeno is actually ridiculously easy for the last Elder Dragon. So Nergigante is the one I have most trouble with, while Teostra/Lunastra are easiest.
Nerg and his brute force really get me. I like gl and ig, and they aren't great with him, sooooo.....
In Xeno's defense, it had just woken up/hatched when we fight it.
Random question is the beam attack blockable
yes. if you have guard up
with Hazaks shape and his beam attack he reminds me of gogmazios
Plot twist: Vaal is a female Great Girros.
makes zero sense at all
i always wondered if the Acid Water affects him, i drag him to the acid water (the Glowy Shiny blue water) and run around the pool shooting. maybe it helps but as a Hunter walking in the hazard myself, it feels like 5HP drains per second in the pool of water