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RE: Fangs. Using HBG Spreadshots and shooting entirely at his face [and nowhere else], even after head breaks + using Legiana 2 piece set [extra rewards] + being on an investigation managed to net me a fang on almost every kill. No clue how a melee user would be able to reliably farm them. It was slow and tedious but I was able to get about 5 per hour.
lance makes farming him pretty trivial. i just stand on his side, poking his head when i can, and his claws if i cant. breaking the claws usually leads to him falling over, for free hits on the head. after the head breaks, it takes alot more damage as well, so i just focus it down for quicker hunts. easily doing 5 minute hunts on tempered vaal with a lance
Its actually 3 pieces of the legiana set to even get the bonus, 2 doesn't cut it.
weird how i dont see anyone commenting or showing off his palico armour set, like who wouldn't want a tiny cat skeleton warrior running around with you? oh and the fight is fine as long as you get something to counter the effluvia, the instant that is not a critical element, you can just go in and attack for almost you heart content.
Best theme song in the game.
For those trying to get fangs and not sure of if you've broken his head, when it breaks the spine bones where the head and neck meet will be broken off. It will look sort of like a crater.
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