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Should I be using elderseal weapons or fire weapons against this dude?
If you can yes
Ran through the game with a ChargeBlade and honestly if you can build enough eluvial resistance and got a insane fire setup? Set him ablaze :D
The real question is would ol' Nergi actually have eaten this dude if he got the chance?
He would probably tear off the rotten skin with his claws and eaten the chewy Hazak in the center, Elder Dragons are supposed to be rather intelligent, and he would likely be able to tell which organ is responsable to producing the Miasma, and just not eat that part.


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I doubt Nergigante would be able to take on most of the other elder dragons
no. because, this guy is quite literally, just skin and bones
Inzaiyan no, nergigante will crush Val and smaller dragons. His power is elder seal, from his weapons. They all ran away from the eater of elders after all. I've seen a Teostra wander into a nergigante hunt I was taking. Nergigante dominated the turf war. Two 800 hits on it.
Generally found this guy the easiest elder Dragon I got it with the nergal lacerator on my first try


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Unless we count low rank Kirin and in some cases high rank Kirin, me and my friends agree with this statement, Hazaak is the easiest of the 6 elder dragons, followed by Kushala (he's only hard as a melee fighter because of his wind pressure) Kirin, Nergigante, Teostra, and Xeno (which could be argued is almost as easy as Hazaak when you figure out his patterns, but I'm basing this on first time runs)
Girros aren't related to Hazak they're just affected by the effluvium, the small flying monsters in the same area have the same vapor effect but are not Girros. When the hunter gets blighted by it (health halved) and Hazak does that move where it sucks up the smoke from the surrounding Girros (killing them in the process) it also kills the hunter.


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**** is easy to kill, easiest of all elders imo. farming his fangs on other hand is a PAIN UP THE **** ***!! 25 kills for 3 fangs, with 4 different weapons focussing his **** ****. I AM NOT AMUSED CAPCOM! >.<
HamHam Time
I know how ur feeling
well..... i just did the quest to kill him for the first time i did it solo btw and with the wyvern ignition impact great sword i got a fang after breaking his face in the first 2 minutes
hammer time
Would the Anjanath dual blades upgraded as far as possible be a good setup? Because with my dual blades experience (I only started MH from MH3U) you need to be very close to hit stuff and with the risk of the Miasma I'm wondering if I should use a bow or bowgun.
You can stay close up but just stay behind him. Most of his strong attacks are aimed ahead of him, but watch out for the effluvia bomb and bring nulberries.
Val hazak body is a weak spot. His armor pretty low. Of course his head is the best, but it's always moving. His body is very still. You can really hurt him if you just stick to him and cut him to ribbons. Dual blade and shield and sword wreck him.
Which dual blades would work better against the Hazak? The Magda Ungulaes or any of the Anja Cyclones. Please reply and say what you think would be better because I'm about to fight Zorah for the second time and I can keep going after the Anjanath when I want. I'm not going for a speedrun I just want to find out what would work better. So please reply what would be better.
One vote for Anja Cyclones. It has 12 raw dam less than the Magda but it has blue sharpness and Vaal is weak against fire more than Blast.
But seriously, if you takes your time and farming Nergigante and forge its tree, that DBs is way better. And later on, you will definately upgrade it further to get the final tier of this tree to get the strongest (also coolest) DBs.
Does Effluvial Expert negate his attack? Or does just the miasma jewels' effluvial resistance help here?
From what I see, E. Expert only stops negates regular miasma. It doesn't stop Vaal's "super miasma" clouds and cloak, and it won't negate his attacks or blights.

The miasma jewels do work, as does Vaal's own armor set, which has innate effluvial resistances. You won't negate the attack, but you completely negate his halving health blight. You also aren't affected by his "Drain Life" attack (or at the very least, the damage is so small, you think you're not affected). I think you take reduced damage as well, but I'm not to sure on that on.

I like wearing armor with Effluvial Expert anyway, because Vaal sometimes pushes you into pool of acid, and E.Expert reduces acid damage.
Why are people incapable of fighting this guy... just stay as close to him as possible, so he doesn’t use his death laser. Preferably behind. Even as a bow user I know to stay close.
the hp cut is just nerfwracking.
Easy gimmick boss