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1997 and two hundred something in the event mission
When I was in low rank, in the AF locale, great jagras would always come out of nowhere to fight an anjanath that interfered with all my hunts. One day in an expedition I was hunting an anjanath and got it low and the great jagras put down the killing blow and I was like O-O
monsters cant kill monsters, its a game mechanic fakt
Maybe we hit at the same time, then. My mistake
Hardest monster by far.
What are you a Palico, you imbecile? Try fighting Zorah Magdaros!
Its a joke, dumbass. Zorah is easier, in my opinion.
I'd like to see a beefed up subspecies just to see hunters get killed by this thing for once. Great Jag deserves more respect...


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She's called Kulve Toroth, LOL
Looks like it's happening lol.
I think that's what the Greatest Jagras is for. I agree, though.
You certainly got your wish.
the Dodogama has similar features. I think the Dodogama evolved from the great Jagras by living in the Elder Recess
Does anyone know who does his hair?
James Charles
in the beginning he really annoying but now i use him to practice with new weapon
Annoying? He's the easiest monster in the game, dude. Wait for behemoth...
Well, this is my first monster hunter game, and he was still a breeze. How do you have trouble with him. I can use IG and GL really well and am working on CB. I practice filling the phials quickly against him. If he is lucky, he might conceivably have 1000 hp.
You all think he's soft and weak when your hunter's this dexterous maniac. Imagine seeing him real life. That's just what I like to think about with these guys
they appear to be inspired off the green iguana who has a similar body shape and appearance except their only like 6 ft long and commonly neglected as their mass produced in the pet trade and people dont research their incredibly hard care and are often neglected/abused
If I saw that thing in real life, i’d Hack & slash at it with my charge blade
Charge blades don't exist in real life, dumbass
i feel like the high rank Great Jagras should have been harder, make it actually seem like a threat honestly i am amazed it can't give water blight with its spit up move, would have been a bit interesting to have
Or acid element
Bert easy to kill with a charge blade, of you know how to use it
He is literally easy to kill with a capture net.
i can no longer find low rank great jagras at all, even on low rank expeditions
Either your getting unlucky and not selecting the low rank optional quest, or your game is glitching.
Why do you need low rank jargas anyway?
You probably killed them to extinction..