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Why it has thunder and fire weakness but theb it has no mention when there is poison etc in other list?
hey aholes, do you knew it took me 40 minutes to find legiana on the MAIN LEGIANA quest in the game? These are pre-set spawn locations. WHY THE ***** ARE THEY NOT LISTED ON YOUR PAGE YOU HAVE EVERY OTHER USELESS BIT OF *****ING INFO ON THE DAMN THING Add a new column for every monster "Quest spawn location"
In order to find a monster you have to find its tracks then follow the firefly's it isnt so hard to do honestly. Monster dont stay in a fixed position here so there is no spawn location you just have to know where everything usually is. Legiana for example is always near the mountain. And dont blame the site if you suck at exploring.
lol rage boy git gud wait until you have to find rathalos
The hammer’s incredible since it’s very weak to stun and that you fight it mainly near ledges and on slopes, making the spinning bludgeon beyond important.