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WOAH WOAH WOAH CAPCOM, YA FORGOT SOMETHIN HERE! Why exactly does Diablos not have a plate or gem/ruby? I want an explanation!
They have horns instead that at similarly difficult to obtain and you can't use a ticket to meld them.
Well he's still missing a plate or gem for the second rare drop.
Howcome he doesn't have a plate or gem/ruby like the other apex monsters?
Because it would mean that you have to farm this ****** to get his gem and nobody wants to do that
Same goes for bazel though
Fun fact Diablos, are in fact herbagors, courtesy of your smart biologist.
Why is it that Rathalos a FREAKING RATHALOS is 100% easier than him!? I go ham on Rath with maxed out leg gear and a leg LS and bam easy day not one faint...Go ham on Diablos he laughs , says a yo mama so stupid joke and makes me faint out of utter humiliation....seriously??
Frustrating, cheating monster. Has a larger reach than its model, gets up from prone in less than a second and attacks relentlessly - One screwup can lead to a KO from full, no amount of button mashing will save you, enjoy the faint. As a hammer user, you can cheese him by luring him to a ramp and jump attacking him over and over. In order to get him to follow you outside of bonds, he needs to burrow. Avoid the "sandfall" room where he goes to rest, there's no point in fighting him there, wait for him to burrow and run outside.
>Diablos can burrow and traverse underground quickly, attacking from different angles. Can perform this attack 5 times in a row (!), which is very annoying, cuz he has a lot of of HP and becomes invulnerable when underground (literally god mode cheat). Boring scumbag.
He's specifically designed to discourage button mashing and mistakes. The only monster I've fought that's harder in the series is Rajang. But yes, he's a hard monster specifically designed to make you rethink and strategize and train you to do that with every monster. Use screamer pods when he burrows.
the only monster i don't want in MH franchises
Umm kirin pleasioth ar e a thousand times worse
On period GF vs Diablos
New contender: a drunk 42 year old mother ALSO on her period.
that one girl asking to speak to your manager
Diablos is often seen as a wall for a lot of players new to the series. If you feel like you breezed through the game but are stuck at Diablos, slow down, sheathe your weapon and just run around watching his attacks. All of his attacks are extremely telegraphed and easy to avoid with an obvious wind up. For his burrow, simply run perpendicular to the direction he is coming at you from and he will miss if he is not enraged. If he is enraged and he does a burrow, you may still get hit by this because he comes up much faster and closer to you, so either superman dive to avoid the damage or use a screamer pod as soon as he burrows to give yourself a damage opportunity. If your weapon is sheathed and you just keep running or even just jogging in a circle around him, none of his attacks will hit you allowing you to easily learn his attacks and his tells. He hits very very hard, often hard enough to 1 shot you if you're fighting him without higher level armor so take it slow and get familiar with his moves. He is designed specifically to punish mistakes, and becomes one of the easiest monsters in the game once you learn him due to the telegraphed nature of his attacks. This advice is applicable to most monsters, so try this any time you feel like you've hit a wall and found a monster you can't beat.
your advice is basically a "git gud" but with details
A lot of people think monoblos is the male of this species if anything diablos are only males sense you can fight black dioblos any time so it’s always mating season
Diablos is always female.
The male ov the species Isn’t monoblos the reason black dioblos are black is because it’s mating season and you can find dioblos and black at the same time
Incorrect, dumbass. that's the black version.
But black diablos are still always female
only black diablos is specifically female
If you having trouble getting horns get handing craft and kush gun lance a few shells and Wyvern fire will break them easy and you haft to break both of his horn to get one it’s stupid