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I've heard that you have to fight 2 tempered bazelgeuses late campaign mode. Is this actually true??? I'm currently preparing to fight Vaal Hazak. Squad me at daddykong4
Yes, that's true.
I'm doing it now whysoomoodyboi psn
It's true. I did it on Heavy Bowgun and just let them fight each other while shooting both.


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yeah, as soon as i beat the final boss and such i magically went from 13 to 29 and it was like "GO KILL THESE TWO TEMPERED BAZELGEUSES TOGETHER" and just like that, there went my confidence of being able to solo anything.
Decrease goddmn spawn rate! I dont want to see him every mission.
Bazelgeuse is pronounced "Bezel-juice" stop saying geese. Derived from the astral Betelgeuse. Maybe add this to the Wiki [ˈbɛzəl dʒuːs].
No, it's Beetle Juice
I'm pretty sure it's pronounced beetlecheese but ye.
Cmon, it's obviously Basil Juice! Jokes aside, it's pronounced as Bazel-Geeus. It's バゼルギウス in Japanese, which is Bazerugiusu.
Who cares honestly, I'll call it whatever I want.
no, its ba-gel-cheese
OK, here some actual advice (not stupid git guds). Try to learn to measure his frontal attack lengths and dodge always into the direction he's going with those frontal attacks so when he's finished with his attack you stand infront of his face - then you can damage him into his face for like 2 seconds. The slam on the ground also leaves some time to damage. Never go into long telegraphed attacks - it will KILL you. It will be some time to learn the distances, but if you get a hold of them it gets easier. When he's flying wait for him to dive onto you make a superman jump. For everything else run around like a chicken heal and dodge.
PS Dodging the frontal attacks might take 2-3 dodge rolls not just one.
Does this B-52 bomber show up everytime I get an 8 monster kill streak?
Bazelpussy, always getting man while am mashing another monster
This plain annoying ***** stalking me all the time. Getting enraged instantly when i'm on sight. The description should be "in search of you". Is this some sort of a sick joke?
Fireproof Mantle does reduce the bomb damage
He is Immune to the fire damage from the Torch slinger (when you target the ground there is fiyah!). Probably to other sources of fire damage as well.