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Why do the rarity 8 weapons have such spoopy names ooooooo
I have fought this guy for like 10 to 11 times and once every so 2 to 3 times i get a plate or 2 but i cant get a gem out of all those times !!!!
how come your guides dont show weaknesses to other elements like water?
… it does. Look at the physiology image, dumbass.
I was doing the Pink Rathian quest for the first time when I saw this thing lurking around. I just heard its roar at first and wondered why I could hear the Odagaron's roar in the Coral Highlands [At the time, I didn't know it could spawn there]. Since that thing would either destroy me or make me waste my resources for the Pink Rathian fight, I decided to stay behind it and see where it was going. I looked at the map and saw that it was conveniently enough moving towards the Pink Rathian icon on the map, even though it was almost at the very other side of said map. It kept lurking forwards, ignoring every other creature that it came across. After a small while of following behind it, I found out that the Odagaron was actually headed straight for the Pink Rathian, where they immediately began to roar at each other for almost a full minute. The bloodhound was the first to actually attack the Pink Rathian, and that's when the epic fight begun. No matter how many fireballs the dragon spat at the Odogaron, it refused to go down, and it ended with the Pink Rathian actually fleeing. This was the first time the Odagaron kind of acted as my ally! After the dragon fled, the beast simply walked away from the scene, allowing me to pick up all of the materials left behind by the two. [PS, I still died and lost to the damn dragon after 36 minutes of fighting and chasing, by getting stunlocked into two high-damage attacks!]
I meant Odogaron, not Odagaron, sorry
Personally, this is my favorite monster in the entire game. It has, in my opinion, the coolest design, the coolest attacks, and the coolest everything. Also, this thing reminds me of the wolverine, a lot. It is of the smaller side, yet it is so ferocious and not to be underestimated. It also has huge claws like the wolverine. To top it off, the Odogaron is also seen dragging whole Legiana corpses, which is much bigger than themselves. Wolverines may also drag corpses to their dens as to avoid interruptions!
I'm surprised there's no Odogaron Longsword tbh. The armor has a ninja vibe to it, at least on a female character, and the monster itself is stylized like a traditional Japanese painting, with all the swirls on his hide and wierd tusk things in his mouth.
The GOODEST boi ever
he's faster to kill using Force Edge/Alastor than Tyrannis cancer