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Large lower body
Literally the first thing I thought when I saw her.
"Chosen Undead, I am trying to sneak past Quelaag but I'm dummy thicc and the clap of my asscheeks keeps giving me away!"
This phantom is absolutely worthless the second the fight starts she just try to walk through the lava quelaag leaves behind over and over again until she's dead
Don't listen to this guy. Yes, she does walk into lava quite often but she can almost solo the boss for you. Great phantom.
She single-handedly rekt Quelaag's a$$ for me today. Great phantom if you're low level or just have a **** weapon.
Bull*****She beats the brakes off of Queelana. All that's left to do is admire magnificent chest ahead while she does all the work. Maneater Mildred is a champion
not sure if it's a thing, but she doesn't seem to invade if Quelana is present?
That's because you killed quelaag. Read the text in red on this page.
she just invaded me with Quelana present
I helped with the fight, but she was easily whooping ***
Female version of Dr Salvador ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
easy money easy game
Since the Butchers in the Depths were revealed to be female I'd say there's a good chance she is an unhallowed version of them and is maybe hunting people as a black phantom to get humanity to turn her friends(sisters?) back into humans.