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In addation when you have stock 3 melodies if u only press R2 (PS4) and wait your character will perform all 3 songs and the encore will affect the 3.
It is not just waiting, you have to press your joystick down, two times, one for each aditional melody.
confirmed you do not have to press up or down at all
Can you post all the Songs for each horn aswell
Tried my best to complete the melody table. It's far from complete.
There's some notes and horns I just can't find any video of online.
It should give you at least an idea of what horn upgrades lead towards what type of melodies.
For example replacing white notes with grey notes or adding additional grey notes seems to greatly enhance melodies. Giving you large buffs instead of small buffs. The Blooming Horn can play health recovery small and medium with it's white, green and light blue double notes. After some time upgrading to the Datura Horn these change to grey, green and light blue double notes. I'm assuming that playing similar melodies to the Blooming Horn melodies using grey notes to replace white notes would increase them to health recovery medium and large respectively but couldn't find any confirmed proof. It's a theory atm
I'm convinced that every melody that is in the game is now listed. I can confirm every single one on the list except for Thunder Res Boost S.
That one was a guess, the other 4 res boost melodies follow a clear and obvious pattern of advancement. If anyone has pics or video of Thundercry Horn that is the ONLY horn with that specific white, green, double yellow notes and it's the only one I haven't seen yet. Everything else is right.
what are the effect of sonic waves and earplug?
As I understand it, Earplug S gives you a chance to ignore monster shouts and cries.
So instead of covering your head and ducking you can act as normal
Earplugs L makes this effect always ignore monster shouts and cries. Meaning you never flinch from a monster roar.
No idea what sonic waves does. I suspect its a direct attack?
Like if you play sonic waves and hit a monster it does more damage or something? That's just my guess.
So turns out that there are times when monsters are vulnerable to sonic waves, it effectively works exactly like a Screamer Pod from your horn. Apparently Diablos is vulnerable to this when burrowing underground. This is fairly hard to hit, but the effect is similar to a pitfall trap. Diablos will burst out of the ground and be disoriented and trapped half buried in the sand, you can use this as an opening to attack.



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Sonic waves = sonic pod. Earplug = prevent roar staggers.
am i wrong cause i wna get it on till i die



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Only 1% of Hunters use the HH? We're few and far between but that hardly seems accurate. I've seen several other hunters with Horns.
I only see them when I fight vaal hazak
Yeah, I love the horn and use it as my primary but almost never see other players using them. Tho I am still a low lol, that may change
seems like this is the type of weapon you'll have variants for, and it also seems like 1 of the few support weapons in video games that actually can holds its own weight in damage. I don't ever feel like im not doing enough damage using this weapon.
If only there were skills that sped up performing, damage output could increase dramatically..
Can you have what effects each song does too please? Some are kind of self explanatory like stun negated but ones like sonic waves I can't find a good explanation for.
Sonic waves does the same as a screamer pod.

Tool use drain reduced extends the time a special tool will stay active (i think, i dunno)

Abnormal status attack up increases the status damage dealt with a weapon (poison, sleep, paralyze, blast)

Divine protection is divine blessing.

Muck Res. reduces the movement speed reduction while in barroth or jyuras gray mud pile.