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I fought kushala daora a couple of times (without success) with different weapons I've used (p.s., I was HR14) and none did the job. Then I went on a guide and it said it was for more advanced, experienced players and I was like "... the time has come."
How to gain phials: Sword Form charged circle gives a lot, normal auto attacks give a bit. Press R2 and circle to enter Charge Phials stance. This gives you phials. How to cash in phials and charge your shield: Press R2 during Amped Element Discharge. Your hunter will pull his weapon back and do a weapon transformation. During this, press R2 to load up your phials into your shield. In sword form, the fastest way to charge your shield is Charge Phials > Shield Thrust > Amped Element DIscharge > Cancel with R2 into sword form. Technical Input: R2+Circle > Triangle+Circle > Triangle+Circle > R2 In Axe form, just press Triangle+Circle while standing still. Once your shield is charged, you can inbue your sword by doing Charge Phials > Condensed Element Slash Technical Input: R2+Circle > Hold triangle and release on second transform animation (the sword goes into the axe)
Sorry, just a bit of clarification. To charge your sword while in axe form, press Triangle+circle > cancel attack into R2 before animation completes. Good luck learning the weapon!
What phial types in game and what is difference in them?
Impact deals impact damage that ignores armor (deal fixed damage) and can KO the monster. The Ultra Burst's explosions go in a straight line. Elemental phials deal elemental damage. The Ultra Burst's explosions go in a cone.
By how much does the charged shield increase axe damage by?
Tested this out myself and it appears to be around 10%


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It increases your attack damage by 10%. Works only when wielded as an axe.
I believe it's strongest move is called the... LIMIT BREAKING ULTRA BURST OVERDRIVE ASCENDED ELEMENTAL ****
Ground Zero anyone?
Not to be “that guy” but the Japanese katakana translation should read “chyaaji akkusu” rather than “cyaaju”
That'd be still wrong. Its Chaaji
Ah yes you’re right my mistake, although I still wonder how the チ and ジ were missed like they are in the original
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