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If you're struggling with the dive bomb attack there's two fairly easy solutions. The first one is maxing out your HP. With the Ingot Vambraces Beta (which is really easy to get) and a Health Boost jewel you can permanently increase your HP from 100 to 150. You can then temporarily further increase your HP from 150 to 200 by eating. With 200 HP you should be able to easily survive the dive bomb attack. Alternatively, you can try using the Vitality Mantle (although this isn't guaranteed to work, especially if you get roared). Basically, just before the attack starts, create some distance and quickly equip the mantle (using your radial menu). This will allow you to tank the entirety of the damage. TL;DR Max your Health Boost skill and equip a Vitality Mantle.
You also (not recommended, but if you don’t have anywhere to run and using Great Sword) you can tackrl the dive bomb and only take the chipped damage (which is 50% of the damage dealt to you) or do a panic dive (you do it by running and evade, the character will do a belly flopp and be inmune to damage)
In agreement with the other reply. If done correctly, the superman dive has a 100% chance of avoiding all damage, just run straight sideways and dive right before he starts to divebomb at you, as long as you dont panic roll or move, you will be completely immune to damage (seeings as you dont superman dive into his path)
Boy I thought the anjanath was the biggest bull*****in this*****ty game, holy***** was i wrong it just continues getting worse!
well if you thought anjanath was hard, chances are you said this on most of th other pages....
...Nobody tell him about the Behemoth.
I was going to try and catch it. But then I realized the thorns I was looking for made the scout flies turn blue.
This is the same for all the elder dragons, this is probably to make it more obvious that it isn't your average monster
"Once Nergigante has grown spikes on its head, wings, and forelegs, it will perform a dive bomb attack." This is complete and utter bs, so go ahead and erase it. I've counted about 5 times that nerg has divebombed me without fully grown spikes in all areas (white or black). He also frequently divebombs right after another attack, without roaring at all. Why are you posting lies?
Salt can make people make up bs like this comment.
Game mechanics; if he was suppose to dive bomb at a certain point, the spikes will grow instantly and proceed with the dive bomb.
He has 2 separate dive bomb attacks, you will realize after fighting him more than three times, the one mentioned above is the one where he roars, rears back on two legs then flies STRAIGHT up and dives at you, the combo dive is more like a meteor mash, he will just leap at you and deal about 2/3s health damage depending on your gear.
If the dive bomb you're talking about is quick and fast, then it's not a dive bomb, just a regular leap he does when he's angry. It happens when he can't do the Dive Bomb. He's like a baby, when he mad he does it anyways even if it's not as effective.
This guy's speed is ridiculous, if your hunting with a friend and your sharpening your weapon and nergi is fighting your friend he will leap to you if close enough. If your friend then does it he will change back to them again, he won't let you have time to catch a breath.
He's het He's there Nerg f*cking ervywhere *Screams*
he also goes to area 12 where that grimalkyne who tries to restrain it
he also goes to area 7 same person btw and you can carve him four times i did probs cuz he is an elder dragon
The Nergigante beta armour is probably my favourite armour in the entire game. I can't wait to get the gamma armour.
Can you flash pod him right before he dive bombs? I've tried so before but just starts it anyway, and I'm not sure if it works during his diving either. Answers plz?
You can,but be wary because you have extremely limited time to do it.especially if you haven't sheathed your weapon and equipping flash pod beforehand.


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You can, the window is really small if you don't have earplugs skill, but note that doing it just delays the inevitable.
Get a wapon with a shield and tank it like a man
can't capture it fyi you have to wake him up and do a painful last fight
Bring large barrel bombs!
Lies. Bring MEGA barrel bombs!