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Currently stuck on McNergit and really need help! Maybe I just need some time to upgrade as I only have bone slasher II
I would recommend using dual blades with the diablos coil legiana helm and the rest rathalos armor also bring dash juice and vitality mantle
I gotten Stuck on this Dragon so if your soloing this dragon following tips i can give -Gajalakas (recruit asap!) -Make Sure your on a Full belly- (Chief's Platter) +50 to all HP Stamina -Make sure you use the Vitality Mantle- (he hits really hard) just incase. even with over 300Armor he will cut you down. -Untrappable- (i tried countless times even when my traps were on a flat field lol its like there too small) Now here is a Trick i am going to give to you all a little Edge Ive been playing around, between the Gajalaka Tunnel and Dragon's Nest. if your near it he will Drop his Aggro towards you and run back to his nest. This where you can run to his nest, and use the tunnel as a safe spot, be warnned he will do jump attacks to get around the corner. How to get him near the Gajalaka Tunnel (Well Just piss him off where his eyes are red) and run, but sometimes he will stay around if your near the tunnel, and you can hit him from long range or catch a quick break. i hope this trick helps, i use it with my palico ally stealing parts from him. Hunter: SoundsInsane
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Just a note that if people haven't noticed, the wiki clearly says it can't be captured. Well, here's another fact. No elder dragon can be trapped. Nergigante, Vaal Hazak, Teostra, Lunastra, Kushala Daora, and Xeno'jiiva (Zorah doesn't count because he's already too big) are all elder dragons, therefore CANNOT be captured
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