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Currently stuck on McNergit and really need help! Maybe I just need some time to upgrade as I only have bone slasher II
I would recommend using dual blades with the diablos coil legiana helm and the rest rathalos armor also bring dash juice and vitality mantle
i got dragobone slasher 1 and im only at diablos
Nah just use the dung pods like real men, if that’s not how you beat him your a scrub
So upgrade your gear there's no need to hurry
I gotten Stuck on this Dragon so if your soloing this dragon following tips i can give -Gajalakas (recruit asap!) -Make Sure your on a Full belly- (Chief's Platter) +50 to all HP Stamina -Make sure you use the Vitality Mantle- (he hits really hard) just incase. even with over 300Armor he will cut you down. -Untrappable- (i tried countless times even when my traps were on a flat field lol its like there too small) Now here is a Trick i am going to give to you all a little Edge Ive been playing around, between the Gajalaka Tunnel and Dragon's Nest. if your near it he will Drop his Aggro towards you and run back to his nest. This where you can run to his nest, and use the tunnel as a safe spot, be warnned he will do jump attacks to get around the corner. How to get him near the Gajalaka Tunnel (Well Just piss him off where his eyes are red) and run, but sometimes he will stay around if your near the tunnel, and you can hit him from long range or catch a quick break. i hope this trick helps, i use it with my palico ally stealing parts from him. Hunter: SoundsInsane
Get good
Just a note that if people haven't noticed, the wiki clearly says it can't be captured. Well, here's another fact. No elder dragon can be trapped. Nergigante, Vaal Hazak, Teostra, Lunastra, Kushala Daora, and Xeno'jiiva (Zorah doesn't count because he's already too big) are all elder dragons, therefore CANNOT be captured
Also kirin
And Kulve Taroth
zorah being too big sure didn't stop the commander from trying
You cheeky git
Any wapon with a shield , is enough to beat this puppy tot a pulp. Easy peezy , i recommend charge blade with 2+ guard. Nice balance between damage , defence and mobility. Insect glaive or sns are not recommend unless it looking for a chalange. GL
first wall in the game. hard to fight but i discovered the charge blade now its ez pz
lmao git gud he's easy Beat him 1st try with fishing rod
You are like a little baby, I KILLED HIM WITH A BOOMARANG
stupid *** tail appears to have 5000x the health of the creature itself.
Just true charge great sword his tail.
As with every monster before, and every challenge ever, there is no "trick" to defeating your first Elder Dragon. Just play it safe, learn the pattern, moves and weaknesses, then exploit the recovery frames of their attack before they chain with another, step back again to safety, rinse and repeat. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to take riskier approaches, taking cover below the beast's legs or baiting out certain attacks for your benefit. Don't expect to kill Nergigante in your first try in 5 minutes, it's going to be a battle of attrition and you have to manage your resources, take your chances and minimize your mistakes, simple as that
Or you can run a HBG build with wyvern, sleep, clusters and stiky amo, block everything and force him to reatreat to his nest in under 10 min lol
Wear him down to limping with issues and thought this ain't hard at all. The moment I walked around the corner to his nest he surprise hit me with a dive bomb for the first cart. Literally did the same on my second visit, and then again during the fight after... 95% of the fight went smoothly yet the final 5% got me. ***** you
Get your palico the plunder weapon for this fight if you want free gems. Failed my first attempt but walked home with two gems.