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Got pawned on my first try gonna try to do status build instead of going all out..
trivial with a lance build. with guard 5 you can block the dive bomb. just stay under him the rest of the time and don't get greedy.
The easiest of the smaller elder dragons imo. Breaking its white spikes significantly staggers it and it will be twitching on the ground for most of the time if you damage the spikes quickly enough.
Comments here made me nervous figthting him. I gave it a try and 27 min later he was down. Only needed a handfull of potions. I used the high metal armor set and the Diablos Shaterer 1. No potions, mantles or decorations involved (mainly because I dont have them^^). Just run around him and go between his 2 legs, attack his belly till he gets exhausted, then break the horns and end it. Gonna go and farm him for his armor now.
Very cool! -D. Trump
The predator of elder dragons is weak to dragon
Elder dragons use elements so its understandable
doesn't he have a elder seal tho
Nothin' personal kid"
As a Long Sword Main Deviljho does give me more trouble then Nergigante. Palico with shield will give you many free shots in. with decent Armor and a meal before the Fight his "***** everything in that general Direction" wont one shot you as well
Killed him 15 times and cut his tail 12 times and I’ve still never gotten a gem, geuss my lucks not good
Are you doing investigation?
Yeah, cutting gems from monsters is pretty rare, but tbh if you're doing an investigation with reasonable rewards, esp. if it's like a 2 silver 2 gold one, I find usually I get whichever gem I'm looking for in 3 attempts at most. Ya know, unless it's xeno. Then it seems like he just showers you with gems from carving.
First area where he's at is full of small hills and climbable pillars. Use it to your advantage to slide, jump and mount him. After he takes enough damage he may retreat to the first crystal cave section, he'll stand right under a breakable crystal pillar. Use your slinger to shoot it down on him. Bring flash pods and use them in the final stage. Fight a bit and bait his diving bomb attack (he starts flying vertically). Be ready to shoot a flash pod right at him. He'll fall and be open for further damage till finished off.
Me: "I need to heal" Nergigante: *spikes grow* "heh"
Would've beat him first try IF MY ONLINE SESSION DIDN'T CUT THE CORD