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Gunlance and Lance user here, you can actualy block Negi's divebomb, though it took half of both of my Health and Stamina to block the full attack on solo anyways will try on multiplayer later.
It's fun fighting Negi though.
Haven't beaten him yet, but from my few fails he's my favorite boss so far!
Uragaan armor's skills allow you to completely block dive bomb
but will still take some damage from its enraged consecutive 3hit claw attack
Dont see how people have such a problem with him, yes the first few times he kills you but thats cause you're getting used to his mechanics and learning him, now he's actually one of the easiest eldars to kill ( on about 16 kills now) ( kirin is most hard for me) i use the great sword with full alpha nergi set and can sponge his dive bomb with just blocking takes about half stamina and 1mm of health, my brother plays gun/bow and he does struggle so i think its just weapon choice for him really
He was difficult for me because when I first encountered him, I was under-geared and many of his moves resulted in pretty much guaranteed death unless they were avoided. Most notable of these is the infamous dive attack, but also buffets followed by a head butt when you're at just the right distance.

The key in your post above is he's easy once you have all the gear to put the hurt on him and not get one-shot in return. THEN he's pretty easy because the encounter is more forgiving.
I use a mix of nergi alpha and neri beta for jewel slots. i solo with great sword as well. Hes just easy now. I used to be scared of him, but now I make him scared of me.
From what I've read up his weak spots are the hind legs and belly, but here it states otherwise.. So can anyone tell me what it really is? I am having many problems with him, I've failed 3 times thus far, I can tank a dive bomb or most of the time I dodge it, its either the spikes from his body that get me or the stuff from his lair he sends falling onto me that gets me. Whenever I get him low that's when I mess up, I will start off with 0 deaths the whole entire fight but the second I get him to skull icon (near death) I just die repeatedly. Last night I got him to skull icon and had only 1 more death until I had to rinse and repeat the whole process but then someone joined in and adjusted him to have more health and so the time ran out. May someone give me a few tips? I'm running dual blades (I swap between zorah magdaros, kirin, and dragonbone 2) all help is much appreciated.


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Check the combat tips listed above. When his spikes first grow, they're a weak spot. But once they harden and turn black, they aren't anymore. So basically his weakspots actually kinda move around a bit. The dive bomb comes after he grows spikes everywhere he can, and the only real way to dodge it is to sprint to the side and then dodge. If you dodge while sprinting you're invincible for a brief moment, which should allow you to escape unharmed. I would try bringing the vitality mantle (basically a free extra hp bar) and putting it on before you wake him up for the last fight. Also maybe consider bringing mega barrel bombs. The first hit on a sleeping creature does extra damage, so waking him up with a big explosion might help ;)
I also ran dual blades but I used the sworn rapiers+. I fought with the calico using the healing stuff, which provides some nice boosts occasionally, and my entire strategy involved cutting tail off first, then just smacking him in the butt. You don't do as much damage, but you can damage him a lot more often because his backside is something of a blindspot (especially with the tail cut off). Then I let my calico tank and I just kind of wailed when I had the opportunity. I rarely even used demon form, as its attacks often put me in front of him, and then I would get smushed. I finished with about 15 minutes left over, and was on my last death.
Solo him and just keep attacking.
Get 300 defences he have no element.
Try to leap dodge or flash the dive because he is very generous with the warning sign. I can post my set when I first beat him if you want, I'm a great award user...purely for satisfaction.
"Species: Jagras"
Wait, what? This horrifyingly OP elder dragon is just a Jagras..? Is this some sort of glitch?


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Lol fixed
Pretty sure someone just *****ed it up its labeled as a elder dragon now.



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Always remember, plant your Mega Barrel Bombs when it's sleeping at area 15.
Yeah, it works extremely well! I was fighting nergigante with a random person and i planted 2 mega barrel bombs, she planted three, then we were using whet stone for our weapons and her palico exploded nergigante and died! LOL
I have slayed a nergigante that weighed 2310.14


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Yeah that seems to be the upper limit as far as I've seen.
If anyone struggles with him due to his roar and insta kill dive combo: get earplugs level 5 (Bazel coil and greaves + high metal alpha chest piece), maybe some stun resist (barroth greaves and charms) and when he does his divebomb just strafe to either side and superman dive.

Ever since getting earplugs 5, most elder dragons become trivial. The only downside to this is that you look absolutely ridiculous
use beta and a earplug gem bro way better then that stupid metal
Hello I'm new to monster hunter is there any way to solo nergigante with dual blades? cause i have tried time and time again and still have got nothing.I have shot flares and every team mate i get either faint in the first few moments into the battle. I'm about to give up. Like what strat should I use? Or is there no possible way to solo nergi?
It really depends on which blades you're using. I ran with one other person and we killed it fairly easy.
Nergi tends to fight in a lot of areas with slopes and hills. Try using the Dual Blades' leaping attack to do lots of damage quickly while still staying away from his attacks. Start at the top of a hill with Nergi at the bottom, enter demon mode, start running downhill and press Circle or B to start sliding, then press Triangle or A to do a leaping attack that should leave you on the other side of him. You can also bring flash pods to knock him out of the sky before he dive bombs. Other than that, just bring vitality mantle for the tricky bits, barrel bombs to wake him up, and all the Attack/Defense buffs you can carry. Good luck!