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Decorations drop rate can be found here:
Post needs update, got Effluvial Expert gems
My bad, it was the other one...
decor is*****
So...while setting a decoration it said that it was at the highest level of the gem so what does that mean?
It means that the skill the decoratiom gives is at the max level, and new decorations of the same type won't give you any bonus
Freaking hell, that artillery jewel
Please make the droprate at least 1%
This, getting 1 of what you want out of 100 runs is bad enough 1 out of 1000? No thanks. All this does is promote cheating and save scumming. I see people complain about save scumming the melder but abysmal drop rates encourage it because people have determined that backing up and reloading a save file over and over is more efficient than just playing the game
where are the gem tiers info at? so i know which streamstone to farm.
just look at which % is the highest. For example if it has a 2.34% in warped it's B, 0.81% is A, 0.42% is S. Apply this logic to the other feystones too.
or just look at the rarity. 5 = C, 6 = B, 7 = A, 8 = S
How lucky is it getting might bow and forceshot in one run.. Got both of them in one T2 Legania investigation, basically used up all my lifetimes luck.
What’s the easiest way to get warped feystone
The Greatest Jagras event quest by far. If you make it vomit all its Feystones you can get close to 300 decorations every hour.
Behemoth, if you are a diehard with lucky or decent team


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I was just blessed with a minds eye jewel by the greastest of chungus, thank you.