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"WARNING CHEAP STRATEGY" ¡She is a cheap enemy!. I was loosing my mind when she was constantly using Wrath of the gods. Getting hit, even when i was far away from her. She heals every damage, its annoying. Just waited for her to try to stab me with the Chime. Evade her and cornered on a little corner then beat the crap out of her. She cant heal and only can hit you with the Chime, but you will beat the crap out of her. I was using Arced Sword +5 and just got hit twice at the end.
Unless you want soothing sunlight.Fastest way to kill her is at heide’s tower of flame.just punch her till she fall down.and she still sells her spells infinitely after you open the shrine of winter doors.
what does she mean when she says that you "puzzled her out"? was she hiding something?
the jig is up