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does anyone know if it is possible to Seal the veil and kill the lucian? i want to seal the veil but even when i did it after fighting and defeating him he still became ruler which i personally dislike.
Just finished up and yes one of the options is to sacrifice yourself once you finished killing Lucian.
Yes it is an option but even if you defeated Lucian beforehand he will come back and be the false divine. So to answer the original question: No it's not possible.
I believe Ifan (as a main character) has a choice of letting Lucian live or killing him - that are two of the achievements to the game. I did not check it myself, unfortunately.
"Once all bosses been defeated, you will have to choose what to do. To ascend to next divine, or purge all the source on this world, or let everyone capable of using the source. Whatever you do, the quest is completed and you will be transported to Lady Vengeance."

So I killed all the baddies, had a small cut scene, chose to be Divine, I appear on the Lady Vengeance as was stated. And that's it? Nothing more? I mean I talk to everyone on board, but there is no return to the main menu, no additional credits? No "you won this way go play it again" you just stand there on the damned boat until you hit escape and quit the game?

speak to the ship
You must talk to Lady Vengeance.
talk to the ship, like you would usually do, if you leave an island O_ô
Talk to lady vengence to see the ending.


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Make sure to speak to the ship to conclude the game after speaking to everyone.
I don't see how to even reach the ending "Let Lucian remain Divine"? Even "surrendering my source" doesn't make it possible. Dallis will still claim they have failed when Braccus is dead.

And I still don't get the part in Academy. Why is my party (Ifan/main, Sebille, Red Prince and Lohse) not offer to join/ally the God King? Is it because 1) I killed Alex in Nameless Isle or 2) I did not have Fane or Undead as main or in my party?
A little late but basically yes, you need Fane or maybe an undead in your party to side with the God King, and Fane can get the God King ending without even siding with him
Well that was *****ed up. How come Fane being the Divine is the same result as siding with the god King?? The proper ending should have been Fane ruling over the races and keeping the void at bay alone. The choices never mentioned anything about bringing the eternals back wtf... Everyone said i was a jackass for my choice on the ship. =___=
I had the exact same thoughts. Played Fane as good and even chose conversation where he said to other Eternals that he had grown fond of the humans. Told his former assistant I wasn't going to help. But if you stay Divine, the game assumes you want the God-King back??? WTF
I had the same issue and I'm really disappointed :/.

I found a thread in the offical forums that explains why that ending happened:

Right before you enter the final chamber, where Lucian is, if you have Fane on your party a voidwoken will appear and ask you to, when Fane ascends, return the Eternals to Rivellon.

If you tell him that you will do that, you can't get the regular Fane ascension ending, because when he ascends, he will bring back the Eternals, and with them, the God-King (which is one of them).
The ending for this game sucks lol. NOTHING matters that you do other than the final choice. What the hell? Red Prince brings the dragons back and that doesn't even get mentioned in the ending credits? WTF was the point of getting so involved in the story and lore..

..all the "Origin" characters are a pointless pieces of trash. Better to just play as a four man party of undeads from all the races..
Something tells me someone forgot to talk to the Lady Vengeance...
And this was the sperm that won. Everybody - gaze and fear the ignorance.
Fane's divine ending is... I don't have words for it. Even after you skipped the option to side with the God-king (Fane dialogue) you still get the enslaved ending. Sure, Fane is not his thrall but still, he is no better than the God-king himself.

You can always try this thou:
"The Fane divine ending bug (same ending as surrendering to the god king) come from the small voidwoken you encounter on the bridge after killing the source puppets and pulling all the levers. So you leave Fane behind and simply walk across the bridge into the throne room, no voidwoken will spawn and Fane will be teleported to the group. If you do this, you'll get the normal Divine Ending as Fane."
Taken from https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/End+Times comments section by Anonymous
Is it possible to somone else become divine from your team? ex u play selfmade character but have Sebille and let her be divine? or Beast can? They talk about it like it's a option.
Yup, happend to me
Am I the only on bothered by the fact that the "good" ending is essentially the same as being purged in Fort Joy? The ending made me feel like everything I did to get up to that point was for nothing.