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Dropped from Garreth if he dies on the Lady Vengeance ship fight between Act 1 & 2. I was level 8 at the time, it gave 15 Magic Armor and had a gem slot.
I thought I could use one of these broken source collars to hide the fact that I got the original one removed in front of the magisters, so i made a save, got it removed & equipped a one of these & guess what, it didn't work... I consider that a bug Larian Studios.
why would you think using a broken collar would deceive anybody? honestly unsure if you're trying to be witty or actually complaining - assuming it's something between both.
Got a broken source collar from the quest " A danger to herself". I looted it off the dead girl after killing all her horrors. It has an attribute of 'unbreakable'. Does that mean the collar is unbreakable or does it give the wearer unbreakable? I was able to kill the girl who was wearing it so unsure if it is of any real value. Any ideas?
With the correct dialogue choice you can give your broken source collar to the three kids playing by the fishery in Driftwood. I don't think there are any rewards, just unique dialogue.