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Imho only useful when you go for a lone wolf build, else you barely have enough AP to use it properly. I dealt 18500 dmg with one blow, not enough to kill Braccus Rey tho.
Horrible. Dealt around 1k damage to Rex's armor. USELESS. ALL that time questing for it.
Good thing I found out it can only be used once or else I might have gotten excited...well 35k gold is 35k gold I guess.
useless piece of*****
Very.... anticlimactic weapon for all the buildup it gets. It's a bloody shame that it's good for nothing due to brittle and unrepairable perks, and given you get it so late in game - it's barely worth the trouble. This game SORELY lacks unique weapons with fixed stats and lore attached to them, only 2 coming to mind being Swornbreaker and Anathema, and both being unrepairable. At least swornbreaker is not brittle.
esta espada se combina con el corazon de fenix y 1 diamante y se hara irrompible spoiler para los que no sabian :v ahora si full atake chavales
Juralo por los muertos que como funcione cuando la consiga te hago tremenda sobada de rabo
Mentiroso ijueputa culicagao dos caras mamaverga