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(Though Anonymous I'm the same person who posted the last paragraph) Added detail I forgot to mention, when I selected to kill him I killed him before killing the witch. So perhaps it was seen as an act of mercy?
If you give him the wand and don't exist chat just attack him with another character he will Dodge every attack but he will go into combat as a lizard and give you xp for quest kill AND kill all the shriekers.
Is this still true?
confirmed still true as of Dec 1, 2018 on definitive edition (with the "extended character creation" and "pet pal" mods installed)
no longer works
1. Give him the wand but don't press [end] 2. Attack him three times with a second character 3. Once he stands up and has an enemy outline, press [end] 4. Kill him for his loot after receiving quest exp 5. Watch him help you with the shriekers after you just killed him
Thanks for that, this "workaround" as I call it is pretty awesome, since saving him the way the game wants you to doesn't give any noteworthy reward. And with this method, you get to save him (kind of) since he does appear later to help you a bit, and you get nice "rewards". So I like to use this method to imagine that you saved him from the witch, but this time he was ACTUALLY grateful for freeing him from eternal imprisonment and therefore gives you nice armor, his sword and on top of that helps you with the 2 shriekers. That kinda should have been the proper reward for freeing him in the first place, Instead of him giving you some random underpowered items. Or maybe something more creative.
this has been patched and no longer works he will fly off after combat begins or just disappear
this still works
Lol, this actually worked. Latest patch verified. Attack him several times before hitting End, then hit End and he transforms into his lizard form kill him and you get quest plus 6k Co for his death. Nice
So uh...if you already received the "call to arms" quest and recruited gareth's helpers (I recruited kerban and duggan) before this quest, it poses a problem. I tried the "attack slane while another character is talking to slane" trick, and Duggan didn't like that. -20 attitude and started a fight between Gereth's 2 helpers and my party. Q__Q"
I refused to give the wand and killed Slane with a party of 4 + the 2 helpers. Duggan dead though and I can't resurrect scroll him xD. Looted his remains.
Only Fool who kill phaarturnax and other dragon
act 1???
If you choose to kill him instead, put on the cursed chest armor "Heart of the Tyrant" on one character (but not the other pieces, which remove the curse). That character will be immune to the chilling effects of the area.
If you wish to cheese Slane incredibly easily, all you have to do is have one party member lure Slane to the ramp leading up to the Abandoned Camp, and up that hill is a stone platform you can have Archers, mages, Summoners, ect all stand on. It helps keep your squishy targets further from him, so he needs to waste time getting there. Another thing, positioning a summon correctly on that platform will allow for an incredibly long sight range for abilities like Mosquito Swarm, which can be used repeatedly on Slane while he is waiting for your character to make their move. It's incredibly cheesy, but if people struggle with the fight, the option is always there.