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She didn't want to leave and killing her didn't advance the quest.
wtf is going on with this quest?
A few things I have noticed for this quest.

- It shows a journal update if you give the Elf that is lying down drudanae. He asks to see your map and makes a mark on it, but I don't see any new map locations. This is possibly bugged, or the location may already be marked for me.
- There is a youtube video where the persuasion is a success using constitution, and she just agrees to leave. https://youtu.be/cGaO2LyIEAQ
- I brought the Wailing Mandrake from the garden over, and the squatters all seem annoyed. I will keep it here for awhile, and am hoping it may shoo them away after a period of time.
I gave the Elf some drudanae and he marked a chest labeled Hidden Drudanae on the ground at Kemm's Mansion.
theres a chest onm the other side of the map that doesnt exist. Says something about drudanea but i cant sense it to dig it up.
I told Beryl that Griff was dead. Then having shoo'd away the squatters, she wouldnt talk to me. Quests bugged?
Just talk with another character to Beryl and you can go on with the quest. She justbrefuses to talk to the one who told her Griff is dead.
Use the Shapeshifter's mask. You can also talk with another character (not sure if the other character needs 5 persuasion or not for this quest though)