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Faster and legit way to win the battle. Using only lore and tactic from the game, not bugging teleport her while chating.
1. Make it rain in all of it's field, while hide or down the cliff, she will not engage you by don't see where you are.
2. Water will create a smoke field, reducing her capability to instant spot your team
3. Make a water surface for your party be on.
4. Try to sneak your teleport close enough to be able to teleport her down the clif
5 Battle time:
5.1 Bless the water surface your team is on (this will reduces the pain.
5.1 Teleport her down the cliff, she will engage battle and spawn her totens and possibly put the pain on you.
5.2 Kill all her totens while she tries to get you the hill
5.3 Go doing water/holy damage as she approach
5.4 Manage to buff up your party when she comes
5.5 Now is the usual fight strategy; hit before getting beaten :)
6. Profit :)
Left her for later when the team was level 16, put Ifan with the main character (mage) on the highest ledge in the nearby ruins, let Beast and Sebille hack it out in the flames. Started the fight with Ifan's shot. Only lost Ifan because she briefly possessed my mage. Not the hardest fight this way =)
Saved her for last. Currently level 17 with Lonewolf. Intelegence 60 with Aero at 22. Cast thunderstorm and she died in two turns.
I just stood my ranger on a the ledge (Lv16, 3 huntsman, 549-575 dmg), prebuffed him with encourage and enrage (100% crit), used a ballistic shot (at around 26 meters), did like 2k damage in 1 shot. She's left with 800 hp (+600 phys armour after she casts her armour spell). Had to tank one of her turns (not too bad), then ranger's first turn. Finished her off with 2 normal shots. I don't even think this counts as cheese, simply first strike.
yes, it's cheese. ffs people
Did this on classic mode without much problem, party of 4, level 15 all around. No cheese, I didn't even first-strike.

I used Armor of Frost, a magic armor potion and a fire resistance potion on my tank, who initiated the dialog. this allowed him to easily take the hit. my Mage and Huntsman were parked up on the high ground in the ruins, my battlemage was waiting on the corner of her little triangle to teleport her to the beach, but I didn't need to. 2 hits from my main physical tank (bouncing shield + tentacle) stripped her physical armor, bouncing shield killed a totem giving me +2AP executioner bonus so i knocked her down, and then my ranger killed her in 2 more hits (ballistic shot + sky shot).
Engaging in battle with one character to avoid the alpha strike is cheesing actually.
i have a tanky melee character who is skilled in both warfare and two handed, with the lone wolf perk lol so i just used enrage and then knocked her down and just got like 8 free attacks and it was over
If you teleport her down to the beach, she simply goes back and up cliff. She does NOT keep walking east towards Jahan.
i sent my warrior with fire resist potion to "tank" her fire curse. then finished her off with my other characters. I was level 17
I easily killed her with a two handed tanker necromancer and a ranger, simply put the living on the edge to the ranger before entering the battle, take her physical armour off and knock her down. Managed to do so at level 13 with no problems.
Blessing her first gets rid of her aura and the surrounding fire. It reduces her damage and makes initiating a lot easier.