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first turn reduced my fighter to half health and charmed him. Fighter goes to my rogue, beats his physical armor down then taunts him. I have lost control of two of my characters... thank you ifan ben mezd, my trusty archer/summoner and your huge incarnate
An easy way to beat her (at least at later stages of the game, when you have some damage) is split your party and start the dialogue with her so only one character will be in a fight. After she made her turn, move others in a range(so fight starts for them too) and burst her down (or at least control her somehow). This way she won't charm your character and won't one-shot your party(my party was 17 lvl with 2k+ hp and 50% fire resist, still died when she cast fire spell).
Did her quite easily after I've changed the party formation (party formation can be changed in the ESC menu). Instead of the tight triangle that I've started with did I choose a formation with as much space as possible in between for this fight: one char in the middle and three others in the far corners. This reduced the initial "one hit"-attempt by Alice to a mere bruising. The charming she then does is also easily broken with a Peace of Mind spell. All that's left to do is to strip her of her armor and to knock her down. The "one hit" she does is a bit of a scare though and caused me to delay the fight with her :).
Had my healer & summoner & archer on the tower right infront of the flames and engaged with my tanky hero - bursted her armor with Inp -> shadowinfusion and ballistic shot (mind the range-bonus). Afterwards kept her knocked down - 2 rounds and done.
I took down her down "easily" by taking out her physical armour and casted shackles of pain and taunted with my tank. The next turn she 1 shot me and herself. So if you don't mind using a resurrection scroll, pretty easy.
Make/drink fire resistance potions before the fight and spread out your party during the dialogue so they don't all get wiped out by her initial nuke. After her first turn there are 2 things that are helpful:
1) you can teleport her out of the fire, which means also out of range of her fire totems
2) you can bless the (cursed) fire surfaces around her, which turns it into holy fire. Holy fire heals living things, but hurts undead like Alice
I just watched a Let's Play where the player turned Alice into a chicken. The player won the fight so this seems like a good strategy!
She wasn't able to one shot my red-prince tank (L16, 3k health, 1.5k pa 800 ma), sneaking thief (beast) nearby ported her to beach (prepped with water) and by luck found I had placed Fane (hydro mage) where he had range to hit her but was so far away that battle never started for him... so he just hammered away with infinite action points while Sebile just dangled her feet over the edge of the cliff, pointed giggled and laughed at the flaming... smouldering... sodden... chilled witch helplessly shivering and dying on the beach. I let her have the final shot just for fun. Oops mechanics :)
she doesn't give exp when jahan killed her?
Just did that: I think it does give experience as long as a living charter is in the turn where the enemy dies. So you can actually die but as long as your card is in the active turn when the enemy dies you get experience.
I can't confirm that because I had 2 charaters survive the fight, but even if Jahan did the last hit, I got all the experience, even for charaters that were at that moment in another fight.
i used two rangers, placed them on the top of the ruins next to the her ¨playground¨? put a rogue near the dead magister body at the bottom, outside the fire area, and phoenix dive with the dwarf in full tank mode, then it was onslaught, and the dwarf dies, then backlash with the rogue (flesh sacrifice, adrenaline) two backstabs, after that sky shot and ballistic shot with each ranger, and done.. the dwarfs dies so i had to use a res scroll, but, thats okay for me