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Where is entry to Black Pits Cave
Use summoner portal to get them across the islands. They will follow.
if you transform the harbinger into a chicken, he becomes quite a large chicken.
Tested and true.
I chose to escort them. i came to a point with an ambush which seemed to be the final step. cleared everything and dont know where to go now. both still say the same. the last thing i know is, that they wanted to go south. i brought them all the way to driftwood where they got attacked and also way down to the shore direct south. Still nothing. i have no idea. i healed the guy up by resting, not healing and i think i broke it somehow. i'm probably just going to reload.
The f*ck? I cleared the ambush, got em across the bridge and out of the aura, almira and mihaly port to the ship. Now, I teleport myself a few times and Mihaly is still following me? Quest complete 100%, rewards and all, but Mihaly is still following my main character...
We just teleported him into us, then destroyed the armour and one shotted him. (Daggers Drawn ability - Rogue Lvl 14)
just killed her because I'm***** AF ***** this quest lmao
G A Y is censored here? lol well I killed her because I'm G - A - Y and proud of it, s c r e w her kiss ¬¬
It doesn’t really matter what your orientation is. It is literally a role playing game. I play with Sebille and I’m a guy. The sky is the limit. Also very weird that g a y is censored. Fextralife, please stop this brain dead censoring. People find ways around it anyway. It is negative content that should be censored, not words...