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when I came here. mihaly was dead. then almira attacked me. why!?
She attacks me and her lover is dead, What is happening?
If you refuse her kiss she will attack.
Does she give you a 3rd source point or just refill?
She can give you another source point. If you already have 3, I think you get a skill book.
Not sure if it makes a difference, but you can either elect to find out and stop the source of the decaying shroud, or clear a path for them.
Harbinger of Doom is a fun fight. I just beat it on Tactician mode, and the key to the fight is to CC the Harbinger from the high ground with Air and Water / Ice spells as i's immune to Fire and Poison. The other guys don't do much melee damage but they do seem to spread poison and fire everything, especially with those noxious bulbs, so keep up your magic armour. Got about 44k + 32k for killing him and for quest progress. He comes with 4 undead magisters that give 5200 XP apiece, and he can summon more from nearby dead bodies, but this won't reward XP upon death.
It wasnt all that fun. I dont mean it's a difficult fight, just that it can get annoying depending on how you set up the strategy. That thing likes to jump around to higher ground, but some places are impossible to get to easily by normal means or flight from the lowest level (so you'll have to teleport or whatever) and if your party is spread out some teleported zombies(by the harbinger) may get stuck there and linger the whole fight unnecessarily.
> That thing likes to jump around to higher ground
Phys-party pain / 10. Just sneak on him from behind, on top of the towers, with 2 aero/hydro casters. Cast rain before fight even start, then initiate combat by AoE healing zombies, he will teleport to nearest cliff and will be stay here all the fight. Then just CC him with stuns and frozen, while healing/teleportating remains zombies away from atop of tower.
Just use Rain, Chain lightning critical with savage sortilege and there you go <3
Good way to deal with the Harbinger of Doom can be found here:
you can just teleport it to the top of the hill, have your battlemage/fighter/rogue keep it knocked out/stunned and put your wizard/cleric in the back, prepare laser ray/any fire aoe spell to CC the minions with one swoop, mine just works fine with fane as cleric and lohse battlemage
uhhh what??? but the quest is that you have to escort her and Mihaly to savety. But I have no idea where to
Just escort them across the broken bridges. That's all.