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If you feel like it you can keep the dog alive and farm his 1,950 exp archers. Personally I got bored after about 10.
Talking to the Spirit of Zimski, found North-West of Surrey's Tomb, can one get a Source Potion. When talking to him and being asked about one's values does one need to pick one of the tagged answers such as [SEBILLE], [SCOLAR], [OUTLAW], etc. He will then find one worthy of Lady Luck's gift and retreive the potion. He then disappears.
I talked to him after having 3 sources points and source vampirism with Fane and after chosing [scholar] option, he gave me 3 source potions . then he leaves.
I've also tried speaking to him with one source point and no vamp, he was only grateful and left but gave me nothing.
Why are there flags on the map with no correl;ation to the NPC's also listed on this page??
Anyone know how to turn of the fire-spewing statues so you can loot the chest?
-.- Nevermind just move the chest out of the fire..
I used teleportation to move it out of the fire but you can't lock pick it idk how to open it yet
Teleport it out, as someone rightly said.
You can't lockpick it. To unlock it, you need either The Red Prince or another lizard teammate with a Scholar tag+Pet Pal (like the Red Prince).
In Ryker's mansion, there's a lizard-like creature, which will give you the password when you speak to it with a lizard with the above mentioned requirements.