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I've heard that you have to craft this with a blank huntsman spellbook + blank pyro spellbook, I've got a pyro book but where the hell am I supposed to find a huntsman one? As far as I can tell I'm relying entirely on a random drop in order to get this ability.
I think it's by combining a spellbook from Huntsman and Pyrokinectic. you can either buy the spellbooks or make them by combining a blank spellbook and a scroll. You can also buy blank spellbooks from some vendors.
Its any skill book, not just blank ones that can be combined. Only the skill school of the book matters, not the content, or lack of content. (skill books that have source point cost can only be combined with other books that also have source point cost).
"(skill books that have source point cost can only be combined with other books that also have source point cost)."

Ignore this part of that guy's comment as it's wrong. If you combine 1 source book with another source book then you'll get the combined source skill book, but you can also combine 1 source book with 1 normal skill book and you'll still get the combined source skill book and this is also the recommended way to do it as source books costs way more and is more rare to come by.
source + source = source
source + normal = source
normal + normal = normal
Amazing spell, does not cause enemies to aggro. It is therefore possible to kill anything with less magic armor than the damage dealt by the spell (targets recover magic armor during cooldown and activation timer), without engaging in combat. Beware though, experience is not awarded if the trap kills something you are not in combat with.
Does the trap do fire damage or physical?
Has a noteworthy, if infrequent, glitch associated with it. If the trap ignites a oil puddle by activating (due to unit proximity) the turn after it is thrown (activation phase) regardless of the damage of the trap, or the level of the players, the fire generated will deal over 160 dmg per tic.
Is...is that good?
Did some testing with this skill. It deals magical fire damage and does NOT scale with intelligence, only with player level and pyrokinetic. However it still does great damage, about on par with fireball for most of the game and only 1AP cost with a short cooldown. If you detonate it with another ability that causes burning or creates a flammable surface, the trap will deal damage after burning is inflicted - this improves the damage since burning reduces fire resistance.

Overall really strong, would recommend this on any pyro/geo mage or ranger character. Mages get a bunch of ways to detonate it and add extra damage into a spell rotation, while rangers can use fire or poison arrows to detonate, as well as do cute stuff like ricochet off it to hit enemies around corners.
since you need pyrokinetic AND huntsman maybe it scale with DEX instead of INT ? also impalement is one of the best spells for combo with this trap
A really powerful skill.The trap can be detonated multiple times.
When using a bow, each of the following condition will add one explosion, which makes up to nine explosion in total.
1.weapon has elemental damage
2.bow's physical damage
3.enchanting using eternal artifact or poison barrel
4.elemental rune different from above 3 condition
5.using skill Firabrand
6.using skill Venom Coat
7.using skill Siphon Poison
8.using skill Elemental Arrowhead
9.Talent Elemental Ranger with target standing in elemental surface.
Special arrow, like fire arrow, will not trigger Elemental Ranger, thus one explosion less.
When duel-wielding, up to 11 explosion, The main hand must be dagger so that you can use throwing knife to detonate.
1-8 similar to 1-4 condition when using bow/crossbow, some unique daggers has elemental or piercing damage, the off-hand can be single-handed weapon as many of them have elemental damage. The main hand and off hand can have same elemental type, just make sure each weapon has 4 types including physical damage.9-11using firebrand/venom coat/siphon poison.
The damage of explosion only scales with pyrokinetic and character level, so you can put most of your attributes in wits to max out critical chance or simply using rage before detonating trap, or you can put most of your attributes in constitution, so you can kill yourself and causing massive physical damage when facing fire immune enemies with talent Unstable. Prepare to unleash hell and burn your enemies alive!


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There are two simple combos: oil surface + armed trap AND poison surface + armed trap. Damage: about 310 dmg initialy from explosion + 180 dmg initialy for surface + 180 dmg for 2 turns from surface. (Tested on lvl 3 hero with 1 pyro and


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[continue] 1 geo 1 hydro 1 polymorph 1 huntsman). Compared to twohanded dps with 20 dmg for 2 ap it is huge (at lvl 3). Better combo: rain + change surface to oil or poison + armed trap = big explosion on whole map if wanted (water needs to be connected. Same damage in every part of the surface. !!! Important: armed trap cannot be damaged. Only self trigger from NPC movement or time tregger ( if before fight, 1 minute 8 seconds) or teleport NPC.


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Sometimes it doesnt work but with added barrel it works.
armed trap cannot be damaged? have you ever cast impalement on the trap? can make a good combo since it will first create oil surface before damage the trap and the trap will burn the oil
If you have Savage Sortilege, the trap will crit but only during your turn. It will not crit on the ennemy turn (probably an oversight). So, detonate it during your turn with another spell or shoot it.
Also, it will NOT scale with your pyro outside of your turn. So definitely must blow it up during your turn. And it will NOT trigger Executionner since the traps count as allies getting kills themselves? Probably unintended interaction.