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Engagement Tip: When you attack, make sure only your mage (for thunderstorm) is in the front. This will allow you to cast Thunderstorm on the Great Guardian and the two sentinels will not do their jump jet + laser ray combos on your entire party (since they aren't in the fight yet). The rest of your party will be drawn into the fight as the automatons move closer.
I got a Divine shield and a Divine ring from the Great Guardian. One of the energy chests in the room was empty, though.
There is a small spectator area with a collapsed entryway at the North end of the room with the Great Guardian. You can teleport there. I found a giant thunder rune there.
i just stole their phase capacitors. dead instantly
Easiest way to deal with the fight is have 1 character enter the fight from the front. While having a thievery 5 out of combat character sneak around and steal their power core. Works on the boss too