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Broken piece of trash quest.
If the knight aggros when she still has a bubble around her or if you're suddenly being attacked by invisible enemies, just reload.
She's completely invincible in that state since she's basically wearing the prison you're supposed to free her out of, and her allies don't actually physically exist so you cannot retaliate whatsoever.
Feel free to brain her immediately after freeing her; she's worth a smooth 40k and man is it satisfying.
I found the temple by chance while exploring near the lava fields. Went all the way up using a char with teleportation to go first, then the rest of the team joined her using the pyramids. Clicked on all the runes and opened the transparent gates and activated the portal. Went through. There was a black ring ghost I talked to with spirit vision which tells u about the sentinels attacks. I tele'd to the small island where I picked up a gem, then reached a pillar surrounded by sentinels bombing the place with fire. They disappeared once I clicked on all three runes on the sides of the pillars. There was the knight of Amadia, bubbled, on top of the pillar, showing green (friendly) on the mini-map. She un-bubbled and came down to talk once I had turned on the 3 runes. She gave me a pair of gloves and told her story (another failed contestant for divinity) then I followed her to the altar of Amadia where I offered a prayer, saw a vision of the goddess and voilà, quest complete, I made my way down same way I came. No bug.