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Strange, fire started during the fight but the important documents that were not on the table did not burn (I picked up immediately those on the table before anything else), also, Reimond was not there and I hadn't killed him at the blackpits, he ran away when he was low on health... His spirit was there though.
For GERMANS. Verstand - Leiche - Gesselschaft - Göttlichkeit. Some specialist has translated Body(Körper) to Corpse(Leiche) in german.
You don't need to go anywhere, Kemm shows up right away and tells you to bugger off, but you can switch to another character mid-dialogue and get everything or tell him you want to stay around, as his men don't find anything of course. Reimond's spirit was here, but I finally killed him in Act 2, the coward running off like that, but then the spirit took off, and I could've consumed his Source first, so I think I'll go back a game save and do that, Don't know how he got here, I'm pretty sure I consumed his Source in Act 2 after crushing him...
And in DE... if you pick the dialogue options to test Kemm, He doesnt engage combat.