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Agree, The Gheists will still burn the place down!
Just 1 turn kill them and chamelon cloak, rinse and repeat, Sebille solo ftw!
In the room with the 3 gheists there is a pressure plate beneath the leftside brazier near them, but I cant figure out what removing the brazier unlocks though, although there is a distant rumbling.
anyone ever figure out what this does? I looked around room and found nothing
There will be a ladder spawn near the pressure plate with a room full of loot.
why is eithne even there? seems pretty random...
If you talk to Eithne in Cloisterwood and exhaust all her chat options, you find out that she became an undead when her library in Arx burned down. She is also looking for a certain skillbook that explodes corpses. I'm not sure if she shows up in Arx if you still give her the skillbook.
Umm, I can't complete the quest cause I killed Kemm prior to this
Yo can cast Teleportation on the brazier, to remove it from the pressure plate, on the last room the one with the gheists, but i still dont know what does it do.


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The loot is only legendary (not divine) when you report back to Linder Kemm at the end, and fixed at lvl 18...meh. I did get like 5 useless of divine gear searching through the entire vault though -_-
Not sure if definitive edition thing but the correct order for the buttons was the same as the hatch, Mind - Body - Society - Loyalty.
the correct order is: Mind - Body - Society - Divine


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In Definitive Edition, the Gheists are only worth 38k exp or so each, which is a massive let down. They're VERY easy to take down: thunderstorm. It will automatically stun them all. I'll add the mention of another bug, Reimond, that I had already killed before, didn't have spoken dialogues as a spirit, only texts.
I had the same issue with Reimond!