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So I got rid of his armor, cast shackles of pain and then deathfoged myself to kill him in 2 turns. I really feel it shouldn't have worked.
This needs an edit: Lohse DOES NOT always snuff out the candles. You can do a persuasion check to tell her not to snuff them out.
Someone need to update this page with the other possibility, in which neither Malady or Jahan is present in the Black House.

I think that if you learned the way to the Nameless Isle, so that Malady doesn't have to make a pact, she won't be present. If you manages to kill the Advocate, therefore cleaning up the Bloodmoon Isle, Malady also doesn't have to make a pact (or couldn't), so she won't be present.

If you don't learn the name of the demon from the tree, Jahan wouldn't know about his true name, and didn't entrust the task of killing Adramalikh to you, so he didn't get captured. If you managed to convince Jahan as well, he won't be in the prison as well.

At any rate, that was the thing i did, and neither of the two is present at the house
In case any of you has, like me, horrible problems finishing this on tactician: prepare at least 3-4 strong will potions for Lohse. After entering via fish scroll for the xp, move out again, enter through the front door, and kill the nurses one by one (very easy). Then move close, have Lohse quaff a potion and open with a thunderstorm. Very manageable provided you have Lohse drink another one once the timer is down on 1 turn for the effect.


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First play through, I could lockpick the magically locked display cases in the basement. This time I cannot. No way to get both Ruaney's and Kyvn's equipment. It seems it is either one or the other. When you use blood/water to unlock one, the other locks permanently afaik.
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Potion of strong will make the fight very easy, he just cast over and over in charm and fail every turn (take 3 minimum, i had 2 and it was realy close 2=8 turn)
A couple things to note that i experienced:
- the first cell has a interesting elven-looking statue covered in gore. curious about the significance
- you can loot all the magic locked cases in the dungeon (open by triggering stunned, the clue is the inverted pyramid i guess? just trial and error for me) except the two containing armour. One has a chest, helm and gloves (lvl18, bonuses to strength penalty to finesse one has Spread Your Wings, i forgot the others) the other has leggings and boots (lvl 18 leggings are ok high initiative boost +6 and the boots have bad armour but +7 finesse and set permanent Erratic Wisp)
Get a hat on Lohse with Immune to Charmed. Fight is a million times easier!
I played solo with dual blade rogue on classical mode. First time he turned into his true form and spamming fire at me, almost died instantly. So I drank strong fire resistance at the second time. He stopped using spells and slapped me in the face instead. Then the rest is easy. But killing the nurse should be more easier. I want to try it next time with full party build tactical mode