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Ok most of what is writen here doesnt help at all. Some Guy wrote that you just have to keep Lohses Magic Armor up to prevent him from charming her ... doesnt work. If i Try to hit him with Thudnerstorm or Meteorshower he wont even care because he has so much armor and magic armor. He charms my Lohse after two turns and i cant even get him close enough to get stunned or knocked down. I also cant kill him in Human form because he will immediatly transfrom into his demon form and he got like 100000 initiative. So i think i do something wrong here.
There was a patch which gave him uber Ini, to prevent guys killing him in human form.
The Meteor-Shower / ... knock down only works if he sits on a stool. If the stool gets destroyed in any way, he gets knocked down. Maybe that has been patched as well, I currently am nowhere near him to test it.
The guy who said that Lohse will be safe from charm seemed to have an equipment with 'immune to charm'. It is questionable if that has been changed as well, though (then again, this guy is already harder than the final battle...)
I found a way to make this fight a lot easier. Just came in through the front door, attacked first nurse, and the rest had to waste their turns to get to me through whole house, so I could finish them off one by one. Demon didn't even drink any potions, and they had to squeeze through one door so it was very easy to aoe. I never met Malady or Jahan in his house tho.
Yea I think the person who wrote this was playing on classic mode, I am lvl 19 on tactician and this guy is a beast.

No Malady outside, and even though I don't have Lohse in my squad he returned text quoting her name in them.

The main reason why I am here is bcs I killed the Advocate and his stupid assassins keep running me down around town and it was getting boring fending them off - so I thought I'd come and settle the score....

hmm hmm : D love this game
Quest seemed bugged since i didn't have Lohse in my party for the whole game, so no option to talk to Malady and weaken the guy. Killed his *** pretty easy with 2 characters. Turn 1 both of my dudes teleport and fly their way to the front door, everyone follows. Both cast Apotheosis and Blood Storm in the reception area, then my mage casts Skin Graft and Blood Storm again. All of his minions just die during my turns and his armour gets melted. Then i just knock the big guy down a couple times, ggez.
Wondering if what the ghost says about the Morningstart ignoring armour is true tho
Makes sense he'd actually be a she. The elf that was possessed was female and he was trying to take over Lohse. He was just in the Doctor as a matter of convenience while looking for a better host.
What? Dont be silly. The devs could have come up with whatever form they want about something as abstract as a demon.
This is *****ed. Doesn't match my quest at all. I refuse his offer and he's immediately a demon with over 20k of each armor. I don't even have 1000 of either on one of my guys. How?
you must have very outdated gear.
Change your gear. I have about 5k when fighting with him. solo tho
"their tendency to crowd near Adramalik for some reason" it's because it has a permanent Thick of the Fight on.
Just saying the fight is easy against the demon in full power AND without the biatch cheese of kiting and dialog locking, but only IF you know your strategy well OR come to the fight with very powerful trinkets the game gives you, like for example (but not necessarily)the Source Amulet and Lady Kemm's cups of tea. Apotheosis makes you a demigod with other source skills, so basically you just gotta focus on one of his armor(preferably physical) to beat the demon in time before Lohse is possessed(at the start of 3rd turn) and it starts to fight. You dont even need to crowd control it when your gear is updated to do the highest damage, you just end it while it is trying hard to fart on Lohse. Right off the bat, Thunderstorm easily stuns and Bloodstorm handicaps almost all the minions in the room, so they are all there as decoration.

The text is outdated with what happens now because the doctor has infinite initiative and always transforms, but it did a good job and many points still help.
i killi it in his human form.
red prince use his source skill to crush his magical armor, then loshe release her source storm... ftk :)