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Where or how can i get it?
In Driftwood's tavern, in a side room on the main floor there is a man guarding a trap door. He sells this along with other Scoundrel skills and Finesse-based armor and weapons.
For 3 AP it should destroy magic armor for ~150% of dmg.
Using this from the "Lone Wolf Mark" amulet, it didn't require any daggers, although the skill had "Requires dagger" highlighted in red. I performed it dual wielding an axe and a sword. Maybe it should say "Requires melee weapon"
Weapon specific skills granted by items do not require you to use the weapon they usually require.
I just used this skill while wielding a crossbow. Lol



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- Extremely situational (mages usually have a lot of magical armor and melee enemies dgaf about silence)
- Costs 3 AP
- Can only damage magic armor, will not damage health
- Barely does any damage (90% DMG for a 3 AP skill is terrible)

This skill needs buffs, should cost like 1 AP at most with what it does ATM.
loss of "phoenix dive"(or any jump skill) is a huge loss for a melee character imo... especially if you dont have blitz(or backlash).
So when using 1 dagger and shield/empty hand/wand I'm getting 90%
but when using 2 daggers I'm getting 120%
BUT when using 1 dagger and an axe/sword/hammer Im getting 125%
Need to test more it seems
Currently(patch v a very powerful skill. It's 120% per weapon, if using this skill dual-wielding, the off hand weapon does not suffer -50% damage penalty(Sawtooth Knife doesn't either).If the two wielded daggers have same damage,it's actually 160% (Sawtooth Knife 133.3%) for 2ap.
Well, after some tests it turned out that patch actually modified the damage formula of gag order and sawtooth knife to what it supposed to be, it's 120% (gag order) and 100%(sawtooth knife) now. The description of both skills still use the old formula(no off-hand penalty version), so you will find both skills do less damage than description.
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