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New bug in Definitive Edition.... freed him, lost the fight, reloaded auto save. he spawned without any armour and 2k hp... dropped like a fly
Another definitive edition bug, I let him "vanish" by leaving the area and I can't resummon him or find him anywhere.
Good lord.. after hours of saving and loading and looking through the web I just gave up and decided to go finish the main story in the cathedral and he ambushed me there, the part during path of blood...
A pro tip to win any battle have one of your buff guy stay out of combat far away just enough where you can use your 4th guy to buff 3 guys in battle giving them continue death resist easy battle win
this happened to me too. rip Karon:'(


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Wait, did I just get a talent point for consuming Karon's source?
i didnt
I don't see anyone commenting about the fact that you can talk to him and work with him? Is this new to DE or just a bad idea all around?
It's a new thing apparently
DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT FIGHTING KARON! I'm having an issue where I left Karon in the cage and came back later. In classic this would give you the journal entry that the foolish Paladins must have released him. You would encounter him at X:210 Y:290(courtyard outside Kemm's Mansion) where he is massacreing citizens or summon him on the spot with the braziers. My issue is that in DE he no longer spawns there and lighting the braziers to summon him does nothing. Look everywhere on the map and nothing, he doesn't show up anywhere.
NEVERMIND! Continue with the main story and you'll encounter him eventually!
SPOILER, like seriously He'll show up later underneath the Cathedral
Using the [Villain] dialogue option resulting in him saying he will meet me in the tomb under the sewers to help kill a certain guy that's talked about a lot in this game.
what happen when you dont fight him but instead meet him in the tomb of lucian?
He will than fight you there.
This is what I did. It makes for a much easier fight, as he spawned with only a red health bar and my characters were all level 20, so easily got past him and his minions.
So I explored the area before talking to him, found a secret door by a workbench (one room away) came back and he was gone, a broken source collar on the ground, blood all over everything. Lighting the fires does nothing. There's one ghost yelling about "a mistake" with no real dialogue options apart from leave or consume.
I found a way to make this fight an absolute cake walk. Have a character use teleport on the bones of each of the four undead minions, transporting them one by one up to the room above, where there's a cage that closes itself upon entering it (the cage also contains a chest with a note saying "haha, gotcha"). I teleported all of their bones into the closed cage, stacked some wooden boxes in front of it to hinder any sort of vision, and finally placed the nearby chest in the middle of the entrance to the cage-room. Kill Karon, the undead minions won't be able to move or do anything of value - as soon as Karon is dead you can go up to the cage and finish the other four off and grab a sweet crossbow.



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Thanks for the advice. I didn't box them up or anything, but I moved them really far away.
Idk but this "cage" must have been patched out. The only cages in this level are the ones where they undead are getting resurrected by Karon!!!
The cage mentioned is located due North of Karon, at X:163 Y:975
If you let him escape you fill wind him in Lucian's tomb. After defeating him you can talk to his spirit and persuade it to find peace. When you do so it says Karon givey you a gift but I didn't receive anything. Probably a skill that my character already knows.
Edit: I received an extra talent point, wow!
It's a free talent point
He gives you a free talent to choose from.
DE: If you leave to ask Gareth about The Mistake, you'll get a quest update that you left Karon in the sewers and Gareth will have a confusing (as in oddly written) comment about him. If you leave at least one party member with Karon and try to speak to Gareth, he'll have no option to ask him anything about Karon though.
Gareth has a conversation with you about Karon after you speak to the spirits. You can speak to Gareth without releasing Karon if you split your party leaving someone in the sewers with Karon.