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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Currently level 17, 3k health and 15 points in Warfare this skill gave me:

~500 healing

Buff for (1) round:
605 Physical and Magic armor
15% damage
Can this be cast on allied summons? It'd be bonkers if it could. Executioner + kill a totem for a cheap heal, buff, and AP refund.
Do you try this?
Undead are healed?
This Skill does harm undead, but it looks like the healing is based of Hydro, So the armor you get out of this will out do the damage any way
heals undead as of definitive edition
does this require lvl 16 to buy? Cus im lvl 15 and the stranded merchant doesn't have it.
At this point, I believe it does. I checked all of the aforementioned locations and eventually bought it in the Square immediately after turning 16. Unless there's some other way to get it before. My friend he saw a video with a level 9 who had it, but maybe that's from an older patch or something.
same for me, i'm assuming it shows up at level 16
No longer requires any AP to cast as of Definitive Edition, making it a great skill to cast on dying/low health enemies for a free buff when you kill them.
Absolutely dumb skill now that it's free.
I imagine it's a hard skill to balance. Even 1 AP seems like too much for a skill that does nothing in the short-term, but now that it's free it's abusable.


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Anyone know what this scales off?