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If you're immune to damage does this heal undead or just do nothing?


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[tested] It damages them after one turn.
do nothing
damage undead...?
Yes it does when the permafrost effect ends (that is when the healing is applied on non undead).
Does not give true damage immunity, but +100% resistance to all damage types (including piercing) and most statuses.

Does not protect against burning or Necrofire, which will not remove Permafrost but can lower your resistance enough to make you vulnerable to fire damage. Also does not prevent damage from Shackles of Pain.
When you discover what you can do with this one the game becomes easier.
A nice use of this skill is on characters with lots of auras. Run into the middle of a fight and buff up with stuff like Mend Metal, Soothing Cold, Venomous Aura, Firebrand, Vampiric Aura and Master of Sparks. Then just pop this and become invulnerable while your ultra-buffed party cleans house. Works especially well as a summoner since you create more buff targets and still have control over your main summon even when in stasis. Combine with Play Dead and Chameleon Cloak and become an invincible untargetable buff machine.
Where can you find/craft this skill?