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I was staging block stairs and ladders, removing the oil barrels so it wouldn't harm the Black rings, when I accidentally dropped a barrel on a hound, since the Magisters were talking with one of my characters they didn't turn hostile, so I killed all monks and hounds and when my other character was done talking I didn't have to worry about the lack rings.

Pro-tip: kill the black rings yourself, idk if in battle they will give xp, but the info they share isn't that important
They have since fixed it so that you can't teleport the black ring prisoners away to safety. There is no range on the magisters shackles of pain ability. Put them on the dock next to the boat and teleported him outside the other entrance of the house and it still won't break it
I teleported them next to the cave entrance and he wasn't able to cast the shackles on the prisoners.
Anyone have a bug where you can't see and or target the damn Shriekers at the docks or the one down in the mines? I can't destroy them because I cannot see or target them :(
You can kill the 2 dog + 2 guard during the dialogue with your other 3 people (bit cheesy tho) during the real fight you can shackle on the prisonner to overwrite the magister one (i had 2 necro so i saved 2 of them)
So, I teleported the hostages to safety, won the fight with the dialogue-lock technique, but the hostages still miraculously died outside, untouched. I guse cheaters never prosper. OR those mf's were never supposed to live?
To save all the prisoners
while one of your chars in dialogue have other 3 kill off the 2x hounds and 2x silent idiots.
still teleport the black ring prisoners outside, put the two oil barrels nearby Vorth, explode them near him while still in dialogue because most other attacks wont reduce his health
have a character with "set silenced" spell like "vacuum touch" from airbased spells right next to Vorth, better have that char immune to fire and have high initiative to take action before Vorth
have that char hit Vorth with set silenced effect spell and he wont be able to use MSOP in his first attack, your other 3 chars should attack him and kill him off before he gets to have a 2nd round
it would be best if you start the fight after lvl 14 to increase chances of success
to handle the prisoners: it's actually fairly easy to do if you use the conversation lock teleport.
1. Teleport Vorrh all the way down to the broken boat outside. turtle will keep him company
2. Start the fight normally, Vorrh won't aggro because he is too far away.
3. finish the fight.
4 leave someone with shackles of pain with the prisoners and walk down to vorrh.
4. walk down to Vorrh, as soon as he sees you he will initiate combat and shackle them. use your own character you left with the prisoners to remove vorrhs shackles on them.
5. kill vorrh.
6. talk to the prisoners
The journal entry "Two White magisters mentioned how members of the Black Ring were being used..." is totally bogus. There are no "two white magisters", before or after the Gwydian Rince / Jonathan fight. There is only an axeman at the camp near the docks building, and he joins the fight when you engage Jonathan.
Oh nevermind, I guess it is referring to Vorrh and Reimond
The Silent Watcher at the front of the building can be teleported away and murdered. He won't even begin to fight you. However, trying the same with the source hound will begin the huge fight.
Adym Eastwin is also killed at the paladin bridgehead. He was instantly killed just before the fight started and I approached with my party.