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Your quest may be bugged.

I first spoke to Marg and told the story in order to gain entry. I then spoke with Grog and received the Business Rivals quest. I returned to Marg to complete the quest, and had the dialog options to choose to attack Grog instead.
So here is the way to pay only 3 Gold for entry.

1. Talk with grog, get quest to kill marg
2. talk with marg, tell him about the quest. Leave with the remark to kill the real one
3. go to grog. TALK with him first and tell him about margs regards. Kill him.
4. go to marg tell him about grog's death and pay the reduced fee of 3 gold with the condition to tell about voidwalken stories.

How to kill grog at lvl 9-10 (what I did)
He is not immune to charmed and stunned. Grog does not have magical armor. Begin with charmed arrow or respective skill in summoning.
reduce his physical armor, burn everything (fire arrow/necrofire with cursed potion flasks if you have those)
from there on either have many chars with shocking skills or weapons with high chance to stun. continue to stun and burn him.
about 10-15minutes later he should be dead.
(a great way to keep burning him is to have a summoner with totems/incarnate and make them fire elemental.

this way he is stunned throughout the match and you can keep damaging him until he is done.
Enjoy being awesome! :)
Has anyone else noticed that if you leave Grog alone, he quotes Donald Trump?
"I like to grab 'em by the *****" ?
Killed Grog, Marg raised his price to 14,999. No negotiations. So I killed him too.
I have killed Marg, and when i will talk do Grog not have change, only options of attack him or tell marg has offer the same.
Like if a don't have killed marg. Quest Bug
I talked t grog, failed persuasion, then got quest to kill marg. Went to marg, talked to him immediately mentioned grog wanted him dead. then agreed grog should be the one to go, continued conversation asking bout the trolls day, then chose the option to nod and move past him, and he stopped me, i asked him to lower the price, then told him about the voidwoken fight to escape fort joy. he let me cross for 1 gold.
Didnt have to kill either troll.
How to cheese grog, there is a green noxious bulb to the right of the bridge. Have someone with the teleport skill to teleport the bulb to grog's location. After grog is in the poison cloud throw a firebomb grenade at a distance to not agro grog. Laugh as grog repeatedly gets damaged by necrofire and explosions from the gas clouds.
Doesn't work anymore.
You need to keep hitting the noxious bulb to trigger more poison clouds. I equipped a fire damage rune to my ranger who just continually used Sky Shot (need the range to not aggro) on the noxious bulb over and over again.
i can confirm it still works. Afther i killed Marg, Grog took over his Bridge so i teleported such a poison Bulb to the bridge (is one just passed the honeybears to the south) and planted it under his feet. Then i attacked the Bulb with my pyro mage and it started exploding like nuts while draining Grog health pretty fast. As soon as he went under 1k health i attack him and dawn he went :-) Very nice loot for my level 13 team. I did battle Marg the normal way but since Grog has more then double his health i figured out he would be a big problem but thx to the Noxious bulb it became childsplay. Ty very much for the tip mate :-)
When you do the persuasion and you have the Soldier trait, choose it. He'll be happy with the advice you give him and charge you 1 gold to cross the bridge.
Supreme cheese way to kill Grog. All you need it the polymorph ability to switch surfaces. Go to where Hannag is (Cloisterwood), on the outside wall there is lava, switch this surface with any empty surface (or any surface) towards the direction of Grog. Do this 3-4 times landing the last surface switch where Grog paces and he will instantly die. More cheese: Before hitting Grog with the lava (so one surface switch prior to the last), initiate combat with the surface switcher (high initiative helps) and port the surface onto Grog (this will get the XP points for the kill). de