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Killed Grog, can't tell Marg that grog is dead........ ANOTHER bugged quest.
I killed Marg and cant tell Grog that Marg is dead =\
i came back later on in the game before going to arx, was able to complete the quest, then killed marg for fun for a ring+end of quest rewards
JUst kill him.
Next to him theres a green flower. Teleport that flower up until it reaches his bridge, then stay at max range and have 2 characters with teleport stand at max range.
one of the characters will cast a fire spell on the cloud of poison.
then the troll will be lit.
Just keep teleporting the gaz flower next to him and shoot firespells at the start of the gaz cloud.

You'll be able to kill him in less then 2 min (he has 10k hp)


Plus he has a legendary ring!!!
dId that then went to talk to the other troll.....then proceeded to do the same thing with the second poision spore thing. got a second ring from the lesser troll.
Also make sure right before they die.......talk to or physically start a fight with him......you get more exp when he dies
Killing Marg kinda sucks, but my OCD in closing the quest outweighs his life.
If you refuse to kill any of the trolls, Grog will reappear near Arx. :)
just use shackles of pain on him with a undead use living on the edge on the undead then use soul mate on the undead with a non undead char then heal the living soul bonded player.
dont forget tho the healed target needs necro +1 "soul bonded"
thats whats called the infinite damage loop attack they will die before they regen as its a 1 turn skill just set it up for the shackles to hit first can also let a summon initiate combat so he dies to the stupid dmage from them
Burning causes trolls to die without regen. You can kill with chain stun and burning fire spells.
They are immune to stun now.
Killed Marg , quest log states that Marg is dead. Can't report it to Gorg though, there just isn't a dialogue option for it. So I killed Gorg too and the quest is now marked as complete.
Another way to kill them all: Learn transmutation skill in Polymorph branches, then use the skill to transfer the deathfog around the dock to the bridges, once you get involve in the battle, just cast the skill again to where gorg and marg stands, then kill them with a direct death