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Dark tip: After collecting your loot from Justinia's lair, don't forget you can also pick up the heavy deathfog barrels and "send them to lady vengeance" for later recovery and use.
In DE I just went through that second illusory door, and opened the wooden door, and there was poison but no Deathfog in the trap. My entire party was in there with me and we all walked right back out. Perhaps this was changed?
Note that if you release the Deathfog into the room, it will spill out from the machine, working its way towards the left and right and into the pit. Since both doorways are illusory, they do not stop the fog. I am uncertain if the "regular" doors do. The other point of note is that I split my party and had Fane break the machine, which is fine, however the fog has a moving spawn point at its edges (and possibly at other set locations) which means that using tornado or whatnot to remove the deathfog is only temporary while it is still leaking into the room. Has anyone waited until the sewer was full to return and clear the fog? Does the machine leak indefinitely?
If you leave the sewers and come back later there will be an area with death fog around the pit and the machine that can be cleaned with tornado easily. The machine is no longer leaking.
I did not do this quest until after I'd talked to Micheil Ros, and he told me where the Queen was and gave me access to his kitchen hatch. I spared the Queen per his wishes, and she rewarded me with a choice of Legendary. I then destroyed the machine, letting it flood the room (it does not flood Isbeil's Lab or the room where you initially meet Justinia & Isbeil, so these are safe places to stay until it's done spreading and you can clear the fog). If you then return to Micheil Ros and tell him that the fog is taken care of and Justinia is hanging out at Kemm's place, he'll reward you again (this isn't in the log and doesn't give xp, but does give another choice of level 19 legendaries).
Ifan is my companion and I completed all of his story before arx. He absolutely hates deathfog. When talking to Justinia after the Isbeil fight he even says to kill her for wanting to use it. I interacted with the death machine and when all my companions remark on what to do with it, Ifan says along the lines of "Arx has done nothing good for us, release the death fog on them." WHAT???
Ifan said that in one of my playthroughs too-- and so did Beast. xP
This happened to me too. I released it and he attacked me. Loaded a save from a minute before, interacted with the machine again. This time he was against releasing it. Make up your mind Ifan.
In the final secret room inside the room with the source puddles there's loot stash behind banner left of the altar
Thanks, I totally missed that. Luckily I was still in the area when I read this post.
Thanks :)
How do I get into that room with the banners to the left and right of the altar?
In Honor mode , they have reduced the XP for killing her to 75k which sucks for leveling to 20
I cannot fathom why, but both Ifan and Beast want to gas the city with deathfog. Ifan's questline entirely revolves around how much he regrets being manipulated into using deathfog. Beast's entire motivation up until this point has been to stop Justinia from using deathfog on Arx. In fact, one room to the left of the machine Beast will yell at Justinia about protecting innocent lives from deathfog. Yet inexplicably, both want to use the deathfog on Arx. Why does their characterization do a complete 180 for one line of dialogue?
XP is way down, and it's all BS anyway. Only one character gets hit by Isbeil's stun yet we're all shocked, once again at a serious disadvantage because of height? Weak, at least they line up nicely for Epidemic of Fire and Fire Slug. It's getting really tiresome to see Charm not do any real switch to most enemies. they won't attack you but they won't help you either. Extremely cheap.
No "missing prisoners" quest after reading notes and diary...