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In my game i have Fane, Lohse, Sebile and Beast, once i killed isbel and speaked with justinia the game made me choose her fate (i was speaking with justinia through fane) i decided that she should die but before starting a fight, beast interupted and started another dialogue, the same happened and beast let me choose her fate again, in this momment i choose to spare her, the result was the mission gave me the reward for sparing her and XP for killing her Why this is not mentioned?
Huh, I spared Justinia and the quest didn't close for me. Maybe I'm missing an intermediate step along the way.
It closed for me when I picked up Isbeil's Notes and read them in the room the queen broke out from. Not sure if it'll do the same for others.
At x:296 y:608 behind the flag there is a cache with good loot.
If Beast is your party and initiate dialogue and you spare Justinia the Beast quest stops this quest from closing, (both closes if you kill her.) If you move ahead initiate dialogue and move Beast close to her he will trigger his dialogue after this quest finish and both quests can close,