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In my game i have Fane, Lohse, Sebile and Beast, once i killed isbel and speaked with justinia the game made me choose her fate (i was speaking with justinia through fane) i decided that she should die but before starting a fight, beast interupted and started another dialogue, the same happened and beast let me choose her fate again, in this momment i choose to spare her, the result was the mission gave me the reward for sparing her and XP for killing her Why this is not mentioned?
Huh, I spared Justinia and the quest didn't close for me. Maybe I'm missing an intermediate step along the way.
It closed for me when I picked up Isbeil's Notes and read them in the room the queen broke out from. Not sure if it'll do the same for others.
At x:296 y:608 behind the flag there is a cache with good loot.
How to get there? This wall does not let me through :\
If Beast is your party and initiate dialogue and you spare Justinia the Beast quest stops this quest from closing, (both closes if you kill her.) If you move ahead initiate dialogue and move Beast close to her he will trigger his dialogue after this quest finish and both quests can close,
I can't seem to find the Brick that should fit the Lock to Justinia's Court.
Found it on a dead dwarf in Arx at x:360, y:342 (Xbox)
Tip: Do not talk to Isbeil or Justinia and do not walk close to them. Kill them both right away. Here's why: If you talk to them, you will be transported to a pit and Justinia will kill her own guards (who betrayed her), so you don't get any xp by killing them yourself. What you should do is summon an Incarnate or two from far away, and command them to attack Isbeil. She will fight the Incarnates all by herself and die. And then attack Justinia and her guards. At level 20, you will get 13% more xp than doing it the normal way, because the guards were killed by you and not by Justinia.



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This is the best option, most experience and you don't have to deal with a completely unfair fight. I started off the fight by dropping a box of deathfog next to the queen. Killed all of the actual dwarven fighters leaving the undead.
I left the area after the Isbeil fight because I didn't know about the secret wall.. I came back later when trying to finish all quests and Queen Justinia was gone from the back area (although the journal and other stuff was still there). She appears on the 2nd floor of the Kemm mansion if this happens.
Yes, it happens. DO NOT leave the area after the Isbeil fight, otherwise Queen Justinia will disappear.
After finishing the quest and exiting the area my character says that she should take care of the deathfog machine before any children start flipping switches. How do I take care of the machine?
Use the machine to either destroy it causing death fog to flood the room, divert it to the sea, or unleash it on Arx
IF EVERYONE ATTACKS YOU: I tested a lot and it seems to be a bug in the room next to the one you first encounter Isbel and Justinia in. All items there are for some reason flagged red (have to steal). If you sneak in the area you can take almost every loot but for some reason the sneaking breaks close to one wall - the one were the big chest is. This causes you to be flagged as a thief and thats why everyone is attacking you.
" The queen may walk into the fog and die. This rarely happens, though." Yeah, so rarely that it happened to me on first try. Just move the box of tools and all should end well.